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1/24 GEMINI 9A part 2

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Vielen Dank ralf !


I decided to detail the Ejection Seats anyway, even though only one may fit properly.

This is the Survival Kit being drilled out to indicate grommets.





The scratch building aspect of this hobby is where I get my fun.

Here, I'm carving the Lumbar support for the upper seat cushion.





The upper seat cushion with Lumbar supports glued and filler applied. I've also added some 'cushioning' to the upper Ejection Seat.





Here's the real seat ...





I also soldered the joints ... and while it sure isn't pretty, it'll work for me. I'll file and Dremel the excess to smooth.





Thinking that the poor fit issues were my fault, I decided to place the seats in position again ... and they fit a little better. Tight, but manageable.





In the instructions it states that in final assembly, the top of the seat should be 0.5 mm from the top of the seat rail.

This is the position I had in the dry fitting ... it's about 3 mm from the top of the seat to the top of the seat rail.





And this is the 'correct' position. The seats fit much better ... still tight ... but they fit.




I'm happy it was my screw up and not LVM's! But nothing was glued in so, no harm done.


There's still some detailing to do before I can assemble the entire interior ... but I'm a happy man ... again!



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I am glad that you've overcome the fit issues. I also have the LMV set in my stash so I am very interested how it turns out. I really like the combination of scratch building and aftermarket on your build.

Cheers Ralf

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You will see, Pete, this frustration just makes you still tougher ... s-boese-wand02.gif


Chin up, chest out! Hold on tight to your dreams and keep it up! up040577.gif


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Thanx ralf!


Manfred, it isn't frustrating at all ... this is my fun! I'm quite enjoying this build!


I use sketches to visualize various aspects of the model and here, in the upper Left you can see how I think I'll have the seated Astronaut positioned. 

In the lower Right corner, is an indication as to how the Astronaut on EVA will be posed. The larger sketches are just me figuring out the position of the arms for the EVA Astro.





So I had to cut off one of his arms ...





And to fill the awful seams I use bits of styrene and later file and sand.







I built this Hinge Support and it will also act as a reinforcement for the PE hinge. I also added more details to the Hatch ...







The seats are almost done. I still need to add Seat Belts and Lap Belts, but it's close ...





The large loops are the "D" ring for the Ejection Seats and the smaller ones are arm restraints made from thick Copper wire.





The Ejections Seats, in order to fit into the crew compartment, need a little more room. So I had to cut out portions of the side walls. They'll get partially covered up with the equipment that attaches to the walls.







You can see that the interference was only a couple of millimetres, but it's enough to be too tight a fit.




There's still a lot to do on the Interior ... the Instrument Panel, Consoles, Side wall details ... this'll keep me busy for awhile longer!


Thanx for taking a peek!




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Amazing work Pete.  Your space subjects are some of the best I've ever seen!  Keep up the great work.  :cheers:  

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Drifterdon ... thanx very much!  :thumbsup:



I ran across a fellow modeller's build blog on this same model and he ran into the same fit issues with these Ejection Seats. I also took some inspiration from his build. Thanx Wayne!


Rather than use the PE's 2D '8-ball', I'll use a small sphere to replace it. But I have to drill out an allowance for 'em.





After deciding on the pose of the seated Astro, I needed to decapitate him to turn his head a few degrees





and patched the gaps with .005 styrene scraps





Another piece of equipment needed to be built from scratch and installed





The centre console needed some accurizing ... this piece will sit on top of the console.





This cockpit is taking a lot of time to complete.

The Centre Console needed some support and the building and test fitting and tear down and sand and test fit is ... well, the name of the game at this stage ...







But it is coming together ... and ... it's getting pretty heavy ... 






Thanx for the visit!


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