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1/24 GEMINI 9A part 2

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Spectacular is a word that gets used a lot but in this case it couldn't be truer! That piece is so sharp I think I cut me eyes looking at it!


Well done on such an amazing looking piece, Pete. To say you did good would be a huge understatement mate!

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Gee, I haven't checked this thread in a few weeks ... Gents, many thanx for your positive comments.

I'm fairly happy with the way it turned out ... but I don't think it'll even win a 3rd ... but I may just enter it to see.


Thanx again!


Come on over the Group Build and see what's going on there and, by the way, submit one of your builds too ... we've got till the end of August!  :wave:


Don't be shy, we're all friends here!


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On 1/31/2019 at 10:20 AM, K2Pete said:

Thanx gents! Rocat, Mick, Wombat, crackerjazz ... I do appreciate your positive comments!


Drifterdon, there's a modeller out there who has done superlative models, David Weeks, and his Geminis are my inspiration ... I can't hold a candle to his builds, but thank you just the same!   :thumbsup:



I've run into a minor, but time-consuming snag ... I still haven't been able to get a vac-form pull for the visor, and have an email in to Evergreen to ask about their styrene sheets, and wouldn't you know it, the guy responsible is off for the week. So the Astronaut out for a walk, the diorama aspect, is delayed


So, temporarily, I've made a visor out of Milliput ... I wrapped another figure with Parafilm and molded the Millput to the head.





The Spacecraft, with open hatch, decals, antennae and Clear Flat coat ... is done.









With the Astronaut on EVA but without the Oxygen providing umbilical line ... yet.





The accompanying ATDA ( Augmented Target Docking Adapter ) was scratch built 10 years ago, and the Gemini, done at the same time, was sold to a collector, so the main reason for this build was to get these two paired up again




I'll finish this up real soon ... 




Made the visor out of Milliput, here I'm just trimming it after waiting for 14 hours for it to be workable ...





The Umbilical line was a piece of insulated copper wire that I wrapped First Aid tape around ... then painted Flat White.





... then had to figure out how to fix it to the EVA astronaut ........ that Milliput visor doesn't look too bad ...  :woot.gif:





... and except for one small part that fell off during photography, it's DONE!





... the part that fell off you can see on the Umbilical, it's the Tether Guide that affixes to the aft end to prevent tangling on a Thruster ...







... and here's a couple of Beauty Shots ... then I'll have to glue down that Tether Guide better!   :whistle:










Thanx a lot guys for following along! I hope to see you all in the upcoming 50th Anniversary Lunar Landing Group Build!



As usual Pete, fantastic work! My only advise is that you add a little more contrast to the astronaut it look to white and the pant one gray color   

I love to see you work


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Congrats, Pete, for your great model. smiley250.gif

Let's keep the legacy of this history-making milestone in human Space flight alive! top2.gif



Source: NASA 


Up to the next giant leap! JC_doubleup.gif

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