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The Incredible 1/32 Tamiya Mossie

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I've built a lot of Tamiya 32nd scale kits over the years but without question, the Tamiya 32nd scale Mosquito is my all time favorite. The Mossie was built 100% Out of the Box and is the center piece of my Mini Museum Display case..

























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What a great job. Immaculate paint scheme!  


Been thinking hard about going for the Tamiya Mossie.   My favorite scheme is the maritime version seen on Strike Wing Mosquitoes.   Only issue is that these aircraft had rockets and Tamiya didn’t include them.   Oh well....

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  Thanks for finally posting your Mossie. I've been telling you since you finished her, that it's your best ever injected plastic build. She's even put to shame  your NMF Mustangs.  Just one thing, there is no room in the trunk of the Coupe for both your Mossie and your to be built F4 in 1/32 scale for our trip to next year's Mosquitocon.  As it is, I'm going to have to charge you for additional luggage for the F4.


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Much appreciated and I really don't remember as I built the Mossie almost two years ago. I'll have to go back through the instructions and see if it jogs my memory


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Thanks so much and I would have to agree. I've never actually purchased the Airfix 1/24th scale kit but from following progress builds, I would have to say, the Mossie is in a class by herself.

Peter :thumbsup:

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