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I am going with the scheme from the box art, it's easier just use the kit

decals, Bitburg Germany 1965. No OD on the wing tanks so it makes

painting easier for me also.---John

Changed picture....other was D...this shows F and D.....oooopppssss!

Also F in foreground is plane 304 Monogram did decals for!


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wrong model....D not F
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I started decalling, painted the exhaust petals-speed brakes, outsides are light

gun metal and insides are burnt iron, and finished detail painting the bombs.

The decals are the kit decals, they are miserable to work with, don't want to slide,

curl over, are glossy and the blue in the tail stripe is way too light. Everything is

going like a typical Monogram build, hunky doory!!!!!---John


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Thanks, been there done that. I have more decalling done. I did the gear doors.Once I

finish these group build models up and a few more I am hopefully going back to modeling

armor and vehicles. This wing thing is getting too nerve racking, too much sanding and

filling and straightening, rather do some tanks, they also take up less room. My first love

was AMT 3 in 1 cars, really looking forward to a Muscle Car build!---John


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I have more work completed. Inner gear doors on, main landing

gear and wheels, fuel dump and another overflow pipe near the

tail hook. The main landing gear needed massaging. I don't remember

where but I read in a review that the Monogram kit has a "bowlegged"

problem, it has something to do with I think the wing dihedral? Whatever

it's TRUE, they need a little "coaxing".---John


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