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LF : Several 1/48 Kinetic EA-6B Prowlers

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  I am in need of several 1/48 Kinetic Prowlers for gift builds I am doing for a number of Marines with VMAQ-2. I do not need any aftermarket, just the kits. I also prefer the Kinetic kit as it is much more accurate and easier to build than the Monogram kit.


  I'll be upfront and say that I am building these as gifts and would like to keep my costs down as low as possible. I can also trade Flying Leathernecks products if you're interested. My current full line of products can be found on Spruebrothers web site. 


  VMAQ-2 returns home later this fall and will deactivate in March of 2019, so that is my deadline to have the current list of 25 built. However, over the past couple of weeks, I have received several more requests and the final count may be close to, or over 50.


  If you have one or more to part with, please contact me at the following email address and let me know what you're asking for it/them, or provide a list of products you're interested in trading for.


As always, Thank you,





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