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F-14A 1/48 exhausts switcharoo?

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Looking for more info based on a conversation in the R-M GB, if the Academy nozzles fit onto the Monogram burner cans for the F-14A, would it be too far of a stretch to assume that the Aires set for Academy would fit the Monogram as well? @twong figured out how to work it using the kit parts so I'm curious if any resin parts would work too.

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Not really giving me a warm and fuzzy on it considering the price of a set but I do trust your judgement on this one Darren. I'll be adding it to the list of needs for my VF-211 Operation Southern Watch Tomcat I want to build.



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1 hour ago, Darren Roberts said:

I've never tried them on the Monogram, but I've used the Academy on the Monogram and they are the same diameter. The Hasegawa ones don't fit, though.


Yeah I read through the Zone Five article you posted in years ago http://zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=15024 and picked up more pointers on this bad boy.


Just got the True Details cockpit, found the Eduardo PE for the Revell F-14D, the Aires exhausts, and have a ton of your stuff I’ve got to order. After it’s all said and done it’ll be the about the same as getting a Tamiya kit haha!

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