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Here's the start to my F-105D. It's the Revell 1/72 F-105D to be done as

a Korat bird, JV tail code from 1968. Hopefully I can find Ohio Express-

Foley's Folly, if not then any JV tail code plane I can find will do. The kit

had a bit of warpage, mainly the wings and a bit on the fuselage nose and

tail. Hot water and a lot of massaging took it out. I have the cockpit painted,

nose weight in but have left the seat out till last.---John





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Pfffffft! This is the one that was out when I was NINE! I think it

had the stars and bars etched into the wings, if the decals failed

you could paint the etching! Actually this came out when I was 6.---John


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You'd think I'd had nuff torture with the Revell-Monogram build but I guess

I am a glutton for punishment. There's 3 planes I have wanted to build for a long

time, the Intruder, Bf-109 G-6 and an F-105D. I'll be damned if I will let this one

beat me. I have had problems with it, it was warped big times along with it's

box mate the A-6B. The tail keeps leaning to the left, I heated with hot air, water

and used brute force but it still leans left, why????? Anyways I will try brute

force again then maybe the hair dryer, again! The good news is the nose is on. Now to fix

the toe in wing tanks and bow legged gear. Are we having fun yet, HELL YES!!!!!---John



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You might want to edit it to "glutton" as you wouldn't want those "gluten free" people attacking you......:doh:

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