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A-6B Mod 0 / VA-196 Main Battery

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All parts are added to the cockpit. I masked it with a shopping bag

and tape then sprayed it with Tamiya TS-27 Neutral Gray. Next will

be painting all the cockpit details, seats, consoles, IP, and adding the pilots'

stick and gun sight glass.--John




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Canopy fits like crap! I'm going to have to fill the area in the front which sits on the nose

and blend it in. Also there is a slight gap right next to the pilots' seat and on the right side

rear by the canopy deck. I really can't complain, I bought the kit for the Revell F-105D and

this was a bonus, bwahahahaha, what a bonus!---John


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Gary not really. The site for Rick Morgan books, Iron hand isn't

real clear and Tommy's is better but a bit washed out. The  Steel

Beach set shows what it looks like but still no clear precise

"it goes here" pictures. I wish there was a good drawing or blue

print showing it.---John

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I have the first coat of putty on the offending seam. I need to

do a second coat then I'll mask the canopy and sand the seam.

I had this same problem on an Italeri 1/72 UH-60A, been there,

done that. Gotta love that sprue attachment point dead center

on the windscreen! 😠---John


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