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Multiple Scales and Assorted items FS

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I've got too many and more on the way so I've got to start dropping some kits from the roles.  I will be trying to add more once I can decide what to let go of but will be starting slow so please forgive me.  If you have anything on the trade list and are looking for something else please let me know. 

Shipping via USPS not included, from 02066.  I'll combine shipping for multiple items. 



1/32 Tamiya F-15E - $100

1/48 Kinetic F-18C - $45

1/48 Skunkworks F-16 XL - $45 Pending

1/48 AMT ES-3A w/ Resin Intakes and Decals- $30
1/72 Hasegawa F-15E Dual Role Fighter boxing (missing older prototype parts but includes lots of resin and decals to make a modern F-15E) - $20
1/144 Hobbycraft RB-36 - $40


1/32 Phoenix Decals AV-8B Harrier VMA-542 $30

Not trying to look for trades but who are we all kidding when we say that:
1/144 Platz A-4s, F-8s

1/72 Fisher EC-121 Constellation correction parts

1/35 Takom M60A1
1/35 Trumpeter M270 MLRS (US Version)

1/700 Ships and CO USS Wichita Fleet Replenishment Ship

1/700 Ships and CO USS Kilauea Fleet Replenishment Ship

1/700 JAG/Admiralty Modelworks USS Anchorage

Thanks for looking

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10 hours ago, zerosystem said:

7 Alphas and 4 Deltas...I'm good for awhile lol. 

Who are you and what have you done with the real Peter? 

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I know, I know...I''ve got 2 AMK ones on preorder and will probably grab a late -A or B if Tamiya releases one. 

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