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1/72 Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk

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Hello to all. I just bought the Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk kit. I´m not a helicopter expert, and find that the kit, from the box, depicts an aircraft that never entered service. I want to build an operative machine, and so, here is the question: with the minimal mods, what version can I do with the plastic in the box? I really like the look whit the refuelling probe on, and the two machine guns in the windows, so, tell me if you can wich operational Blackhawk can I build.

Thank you very much.


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EDIT:  Looking closer, you would be better off getting the UMM models MH/HH-60G conversion set.  The Hasegawa kit is based on an early H-60 with non-HIRSS (Hover Infra-Red Suppresiion System) exhaust, pointy stabilator on the tail, etc., etc...  All MH/HH-60Gs and MH-60Ls have HIRSS and the newer square, folding tail, among a host of other upgrades missing from the kit.


UMM conversion.



I'm not sure what is in the box, but, to build one with the refeuling probe, you would have to build either a USAF MH/HH-60G Pave Hawk, or a US Army Special Ops MH-60L Black Hawk.  For either of these you would need the ESSS wings cover that goes over the connection point when the wings are not installed.  This is the bump between the gunners' windows and the cargo doors on each side.  You would probably need to scratch/source the weather radar (black dome on nose) and FLIR (R2D2 head under the nose) as well.


HH-60G, notice the ESSS covers where the longer, upturned wings attach on the experimental HH-60D.



Older version MH-60G still with internal gunmounts.






You could also do an MH-60L DAP Gunship if you had a set of the short ESSS wings (single hardpoint) in the kit.



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You could probably scratch a lot of what you need to do a conversion from the extras in the box using the wing stubs and external fuel tanks or a sprue graveyard if you have one.


Just for grins let's not leave out the MH-60K circa 2001




Or how about this oddity at Farnsborough 1990 - Z9468 from my archive




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5 hours ago, diegohoff said:

Thanks to all. It seems that I go with what it´s in the box, since I don´t have any money to spend. So, I understand that I will build a what if, since no HH-60D exist, right?


Scratch all you can my friend, I am 100% positive you can find things at home to do all you need.. :)

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The HH-60D is an interesting machine, even though it never went into production. If you need photos references, have a look at some of the old Koku Fan magazines from Japan. They have a few photo articles on the original HH-60D prototype.



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