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Dave Roof

FS : 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 aircraft

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  I have the following kits for sale. All are new and complete with no work done unless noted otherwise. Payment by PayPal preferred. 


1/32 Scale :


Trumpeter F-8E with Flying Leathernecks Decals canopy/wheel mask set (canopy is loose from sprue) $70.00

Trumpeter TBM-3 $65.00

Trumpeter F4F-4 $35.00

Trumpeter F6F-5N $40.00

Trumpeter F4U-4 with Grand Phoenix resin cockpit $50.00

Trumpeter A-1D/AD-4 $65.00 PENDING

Revell H145M LUH KSK Helicopter $20.00


1/48 Scale :


Italeri ACH-47A $40.00

Monogram RF-101B $15.00

Monogram A/B-26C Invader $15.00

Monogram A-10 with Flying Leathernecks Decals canopy/wheel mask set $15.00

Revell B-25J $12.00

Monogram F-84F $12.00

Revell F-84E $12.00

Hobbyboss F-84F $15.00


1/72 Scale :


Monogram B-52D with Cutting Edge Decal 72208 (missing the option for aircraft 56-0672) $80.00




AFTERMARKET - All prices for the items below INCLUDE shipping within the CONUS. All OCONUS please add $3.00

1/32 Verlinden F6F-3/5 cockpit and gun bay (no box) $18.00 

1/48 Cutting Edge A-1H/J cockpit set $18.00

1/48 F-86 aftermarket package $40.00
Includes : 
- Teknics 4854 F-86 cast brass Pilot's Helmet
- Teknics 48051 F-86 cast brass landing gear
- Jaguar 4806 F-86 cockpit

1/48 F6F-3/5/5N aftermarket package $50.00
Includes :
- Vector 48003 R-2800A/B early engine
- Vector 48190 F4U/F6F diamond tread wheels
- Vector 48210 F6F seats without belts/harness
- Vector 48159 Hamilton Standard 13' 1' 3 blade prop and spinner
- HGW 48009 F6F seatbelts and harnesses
- Master 48109 F6F Night Fighter gun barrels


If interested in anything, please contact me direct via email at the following address flyingleathernecks@att.net


As always, Thank you,





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