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Sunsets - just in time for fall!

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Since it’s the end of Summer as I write this, and the days are getting shorter, I thought it would be appropriate to put up a display of my “Sunset Stripe” cars. Unsurprisingly, most of them are MPCs, since that was right up their alley!


Check out this collection at the link below, and get your time machines ready!





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Cool stuff! Soooo late seventies early eighties - but in a good way!

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  That's a great piece on both modeling and Hot Rod nostalgia.  I was never a custom/hot rod type of guy, but always into the British type sports cars both street & track. But I do remember those kits from my youth, although I never built one that I can remember at this stage of my life.  Perhaps, I should be sporting those Sunset Stripes on my fall jackets at my post 70 age.  Out of the lot, the D-50 would actually be a great seller for a real truck.  


 Have you built any of these type of cars, or are you just still collecting them?



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It's funny you mention the D-50, since there was a D-50 Sport package that was so, soooo close to how the MPC D-50 looks. It's a shame they didn't just do that package, since I like to do my models stock. Still, I think I'm going to build the D-50 as it is, stripes and all.


I generally build my cars stock, so other than Gold Rush, there's not much I have that's "sunsetted". I will likely do most of the ones in the picutre stock, where possible. However, the D-50 will, as mentioned, likely be an exception. :)

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