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1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

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Finally finished with my Su-30MK2. Overall, it is a nice, mostly straightforward kit. However, I deepened all panel lines and rivets to have the wash stay in the details, which was the most time consuming part of the build. Caracal decals. Two dark grays are a custom mix of Tamiya paints. Light gray is Hobby Aqueous H308. The camo was masked with rolled silly putty. The weathering is mostly fictitious, so is the mix of training and live load out. For weathering, I tried a few things including post shading, panel line washes and weathering with oils. I machined the base from a block of steel. Acrylic rods are 0.5", which were heated to 270K in the oven and bent around a pan. Pics with an iPhone 6 on a tripod. 


WIP thread


I am grateful for all the help from many fellow modelers in the WIP, but Kike was exceptionally helpful with the tons of reference pics he shared. So thank you Kike!














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17 hours ago, nikosmeta said:

The final result justifies your efforts. Your build is exceptional and will be my future reference. Great job

Thank you so muck Niko! It is nowhere near your models but I appreciate it. 


8 hours ago, Whiskey said:

That is so friggin' cool!!!!! Truly a piece of art Janissary, very pleased to see the result!


Now if Cold War studios would hurry up with their MKI correction/ upgrade set I can do my Indian Air Force one.............. 

Thank you very much. The shape of these two seaters have always impressed me so I am glad I got this out of the way. The canard versions are sure to look even more interesting.


2 hours ago, Brett M said:

An exceptionally good looking build. The colors, in flight pose, simple stand all look great together. Awesome work!


(I picked up this same kit because of your WIP. I hope I can do it justice!)

Thanks Brett! It's a great and simple kit, but if I had to do it again, I would try to attach and blend the engine cans to the back before painting. There is still a little gap despite my best efforts in dry fitting prior to painting. Also, and this could be depressing, but I strongly recommend deepening some of the panel lines and rivets especially those fade by the side walls of cylindrical surfaces. Overall, a very satisfying kit though. 

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I knew you would pull out an awesome model, but you did it even better than I've anticipated! the only bad thing is that you haven't done before so i could have used yours as reference! I told you when you started it and I repeat it now!


Way to go and it's always a pleasure to see you work!


BTW no need to thank me, I was more than glad to help a bit!!

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Beautiful!  :worship:

Construction looks solid. Great paint and weathering.


My only critique, which is something you should be able to fix without too much difficulty, are the wingtip pod lights.

I see you mentioned them being over-scale in your WIP and I'm not suggesting fixing that, but they should be painted silver on the rear 2/3. Painting them would help make them stand out less.

Regardless if you choose to fix that, great job! :thumbsup:



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