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The cost of Freedom

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Yesterday my family buried ABHAA Joseph Min Naglak. He was 21. He was also my cousin.


Joseph was killed in the line of duty last week while working the flight deck of CVN-77. I learned of the mishap while at work (NAVAIR/Pax River) and the name didn't register immediately. Neither did the picture of a smiling young sailor in his whites. Joseph was clearly of Asian decent, and I am not. Over the weekend another cousin informed me that he was in fact our cousin. He had been adopted from Korea when he was a year old. My mother confirmed, her father (my grandfather) and Joseph's great grandmother were brother/sister. Sadly I never met him. I've been part of naval aviation one way or another all my adult life, first as an active duty sailor, now as a Navy civilian. Three decades (so far). We talk about the NAVAIR family, this week for me it was doubly true.


Here's the obit, which includes a US Navy pic of his final departure from the boat last week. There are other pictures on the Navy site - the crew lined up several deep in the hanger deck and all the way up to the flight deck and the rear of the C-2...that was a worthy sendoff. BZ Bush crew.



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Real sorry to hear that CJ.   Way too young....  


I’ve got a (probably) soon to be son in law who will be spending a good deal of time on that flight deck when he next deploys with his squadron.   It’s a dangerous place to work.   My daughter is already getting nervous.    

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