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I’m sure everyone’s heard of an embarrassment of riches, right? Well, what happens when the riches you have are embarrassing, and they’re so plentiful that you get paralyzed by choice?


Well, for one thing, you get what happened to me! At my local show just recently, I hit the vendors hard, and got so many amazing kits that I am a bit stuck for which one to open up and review first! When you’re weighing things like a Firebird station wagon, a four-door Corvette, a BRAT and a Messerschmitt cycle car, it’s not easy to come to a quick decision.


So, I’m doing what anyone would do, when staring down the Magnum PI Vanagon and a Suzuki Samurai… I’m asking for help!


Check out my awesome score of total automotive oddballs, and give me a hand with a vote for what you want to see as the next out of box car on the Lagoon! Just follow the link below, but be ready… awesomeness awaits!





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Road & Track featured a custom four-door Vette back in the late Seventies or early Eighties.  Maybe your kit is based off that?

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It's funny: When my uncle saw the kit he said the exact same thing, and he brought me the issue to see. 


The car they feature is a '79-based 'Vette America, but oddly, the Monogram kit looks like an 80 through and through. WEirdly, though, they gave the kit the wire wheels and "targa bar" of the prototype. From what I've researched, only the prototype had those, and there was only one, maybe two, '80 models. One was red, and I've seen one greyish-silver. Not sure if they're the same car repainted or what, but I don't think so.


So, that maybe makes this Monogram a "What if" and I can do what I want with it.... Hmm... I kinda hope it wins now, although as expected, BRAT is dominating. 

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