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This Hawk comes from Chinese domestic factory Trumpeter. The model was bulit almost straight out of box, except for modifications on wings. I removed the small wing fences that were intended for model Hawk 51, Hawk 60, Hawk 65 and Hawk 67, and added stall strips on the leading edge of wings.
The model was painted with white and yellow primers, then painted with Super Italian Red. All paints used were from Gunze. 
Decals are thin and soft. Several layers of Gunze GX100 clear coats were applied before polishing and applying decals. A few layers of  Gunze GX100 clear coats were applied over the decal before final polishing. 
One should be careful with decals under wings since Hobbyboss did not cut out the place were flap hinges are placed.  The detonation cord inside the canopy is simulated with white decals, which were a bit smaller than the embossed detail on the plastic part.
Other than the small issues above, it is a pleasant experience to bulid the Hobbyboss Red Arrows.













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Some work in progress photos here: Hobbyboss provided a wrong type of ejection seat. By the time I realized this mistake, i had already put the nose section together and glued it.















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