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Su-34 - New decal sheet from Begemot

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Arriving too late to be used on my Trumpeter Su-34 - this latest set from Begemot covers all variants of the 'Fullback' - from the second prototype (Bort 43), through the early production machines and right up to date with the types deployment to Syria.


Colour schemes range from the early Flanker-style camo, through the recently abandoned 'Eggplant/Aubergine' single colour uppers, right up to latest green/blue colours - FS Numbers are provided for all the colour schemes..


A full stencil sheet is included - and there are hundreds of them - plus a host of stencils for the weapons.


This latter set alone is worth the asking price as it gives the correct designation and colours for the variety of ordinance used by the Su-34


A new feature is the printing of the instruction 'booklet' in colour - which is very welcome....




Note the inclusion of a decal for the underside Chaff/Flare dispenser.








More stencils - including weapons.




Addendum sheet including black outlines for the Bort numbers - note the new 'VKS Russia' titles.


The decals are superbly printed and, from past experience, they go on to the model with the minimum of fuss and give excellent results.


It looks like I will have to purchase some more Trumpeter kits to make use of this new set!




PS - The sheet is also available in 1/48 scale for the Kittyhawk and Hobbyboss kits.

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Thanks for this quick review, Ken!


Probably need to get the sheet since it seems that at least in 1/72 it's the Trumpeter kit (naturally have to get one of those as well) that appears to be the definitive one. At least for the time being. Although who knows - the influx of new Soviet/Russian stuff is so breathtaking these days!

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