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1/32 JASDF Tactical Fighter Training Group (Agressor) tail markings...?

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Hello everyone,


I recently bought Tamiya's 1/32 F-15J, planning on doing an Agressor bird. Although they mostly use the F-15DJ, they also have or had some F-15J's.


However, I overlooked the fact that all squadron markings for the tails are included, the Tactical Fighter Training Group cobra-emblem excepted!

I need 4 of those emblems, as they were painted on the in- and outside of the fins. Does anyone know if and where decals of these emblems can be obtained?


Thanks very much for your input!



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Phoenix make a set that has those decals included. It is, unfortunately, almost $30. Its the JASDF F-15J 201 60th & 203 50th Anniversary set, sheet number32-037. Here's a link to it on Hobbyeasy:


They also make a nice looking stencil set for the F-15J that includes separate grey backgrounds for all the stencils for use on the aggressor schemes. Also not cheep, but the decals do have free shipping.

If you can find one, TwoBobs did a real nice set of F-15 Japanese aggressor decals, 32-039 F-15C/D JASDF Aggressors, that has the ones your looking for. Its out of production but might turn up on eBay, or someone here might have one they'd be willing to part with.

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18 hours ago, Paolo Maglio said:

Also Two Bobs made some sheets for the F-15DJ seek if you can use them on the single seater ...


They only did one in 1/32 that I can see, the one I mentioned above. They did a number in 1/48.

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