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7 years in the making: 1/72 Tupolev Tu-22M3 "Backfire C" by Trumpeter

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So, this has obviously been a long project and during the build I've described the kit with many negative words. You can read the WIP thread here http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/234466-172-tupolev-tu-22m3-backfire-by-trumpeter/ , but to make a long story short, the basic outlines on the kit - fuselage, wings, tails - are pretty accurate. I know there is one area that could have benefited from  reshaping and that's the area around the engines on the rear fuselage, which on the real aircraft is, well, more bootylicious. 😎  


The problems mostly lie in the details and I tried to correct everything I found, especially if it was feasible. The cockpit is entirely fictitious, but the excellent Neomega resin set corrected this. The windshield didn't look right either. The landing gears needed a lot of attention and again some aftermarket stuff came to rescue. The kit gears stayed, but the wheels and tires are from Equipage.


The decal sheet (from  Authentic Decals) had a known problem and I really had to struggle to avoid silvering.


The exhausts were lengthened and a lot of details added, including PE burner rings. Every single probe and aerial was scratch built and all the smaller inlets either scratched or modified. The intakes were mere gaping holes so some ramp details were added there.


The bomb bay was hideous so the interior details and the bomb racks were scratched. The kit designers had never seen one live. The bomb bay doors were basically started from zero as well. The FAB-250 bombs come from Advanced Modeling and the additional AS-4 Kitchen missile from Amodel. The kit one... again hideous.


Here you are, folks! I can't describe the feeling seeing it finally here. After all the troubles - including the near hull loss accident - I'm quite happy with it!











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10 hours ago, Stephen said:

Fantastic work

Thank you!


8 hours ago, Aigore said:


Impressive all around.....magnificent details and a fantastic build. It's been an epic journey from start to finish.

Outstanding! :worship::worship::worship:

Epic. Even I myself can relate to that. Thanks, Janne!


7 hours ago, modelguy2 said:

Dang, one more year and you could have nailed it! :whistle:


Nice work!



2 hours ago, Specter1075 said:

Very fine work for a very cool aircraft! I'm in awe!

My favourite bomber. Had to give it some special luv! Thanks.

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Thanks, guys! 


5 hours ago, CaptainObvious said:

Congratulations on crossing the finish line Janman!!!

Fantastic work all around. The final bit of weathering really seals the deal!

She does look especially impressive armed with the Kh-22s .




Thanks for the kind words! What comes to the Kh-22, I fully agree. It's a menacing looking thing. It was only a month ago when I chose to include it as an optional ordnance and I think it paid off. 

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1 hour ago, Sebastijan said:

Lost for words, mate!

I am really glad I've had  a chance to see it last month! So in the end you've just put the cockpit doors on, or did you end up gluing them? They look really flush.


I'm obliged for your words, mate. 


The (resin) cockpit doors needed some extra care when I worked with them. I added some plastic strips for a better fit back then. Now when I put them on last weekend, I noticed some of them needed a bit of sanding for good fit. I was going to use tiny amounts of white glue to keep them in place but just got carried away with the photo arrangements and skipped that. The doors just are there.🙂

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I have been quietly following your thread all those years Jan and it has been a pleasure to see the progress. Congrats on finishing the beast! Now, unto 1/72 Tu-160? 😛 (i have one, no idea why, reasons, i guess)

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Berk, Blackjack is certainly one my favourites and I think we talked about it with Sebastijan when he and his family were here on August. But the unevitable conclusion was: Where the heck can we store such a gigantic bird!? The answer was: nowhere.😐


I still haven't figured out how the display my Backfire. It doesn't fit into my IKEA cabinet, that's for sure. 


Thanks for your appreciation! It was a long and winding road.

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