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USAFE from Wolfpak

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Sheet 72-120, USAFE.  Starting off this sheet is an option for a F-16A of the 614th TFS at Torrejon AB in Spain followed by a hard wing F-4E of the 613th TFS from the same base.  Next up options for one of two MIG Killers from Bitburg AFB as they appeared while headed to a William Tell Meet.  A slatted F-4E with TISEO from the 32nd TFS at Soesterburg is the next subject.  An early Mask10 painted A-10A from the 81st TFW at Woodbridge follows.  This scheme was unique because of its greenish hue to the grey paint and the ability to change color from sun-lit to cloudy conditions.  The 67th ARS manned rescue detachments around the continent and this UH-1N is from the one at Zaragoza, Spain.  An Eagle toting a Tommy Gun is the next A-10A from the 10th TFW in Euro I from Alconbury.  An aggressor F-16C is the second option for this aircraft type an is marked as based at RAF Woodbridge. Finally a C-21A from Ramstein rounds out the sheet.

Sheet 72-121, Bad Animals.  A T-38C of the 560 FTS marked in commemoration of Project Homecoming is our first subject on this sheet.  It’s followed by a F/A-18D used in weapons trials and systems testing at China Lake NAS.  Once again from the 560th but earlier when it was a TFS is an F-4E.  Something new is this MQ-4C from VUP-19 the first operational Naval UCAV Patrol unit is next.  In markings reminiscent of WWII Hellcats is a F-5N aggressor from NAS Key West.  To complete the sheet from the Michigan ANG is a F-4C resplendent in yellow and black checkers and with Heckle and Jeckle  nose art.


Sheets will retail at $18.00 and be on sale within a week or so.



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1 hour ago, Niels said:

Soooo many schemes we need in 1/48 😎


Spot on!


Amazing looking profiles for the sheets Mark. I've never herd of the scheme for the A-10, anyone know where to find info on it?

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8 hours ago, JakubJakepilot said:

awesome DS BT birds. are there pics for them please ? thx !!


         they are post war birds in Mod -Eagle scheme for the 1992 William Tell gunnery meet.


Copyright Jim Rotromel...I Think..




Copyright Unknown



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On ‎10‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 2:17 AM, JakubJakepilot said:

Great pics !!! So, I guess, they were not in the same camo in DS ? Or were they ? Thanks for clarification 🙂


Bitburg was still using the Ghost Gray scheme in Desert Storm.  The jets on Mark's sheet had been repainted in the Mod Eagle colors by the time of William Tell '92.




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Thanks for the kind words.  The A-10A Color and Markings Book has the best information about the Mask10 and Mask10A painting of aircraft.  


Sheets are in, the website is updated and the Buttons are Hot!

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