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Revell 1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet VX-23 Salty Dogs Bio Fuel Test

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Just completed this Revell (Germany VFA-102 Boxing) 1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet  with scratch built dropped flaps and slats with extras.

Aftermarket items:

Eduard PE Seatbelts

Eduard 1/72 RBF Tags

Steel Beach Covered HUD and Headrest set

Steel Beach Vinyl Intake Covers

Steel Beach Resin covered Exhausts

Quickboost Resin ECS Bard Stacks

Decals - Afterburner CAG & Special Schemes Part 3 - VX-23 Salty Dogs 2010 "Green Hornet" Bio Fuel Test scheme



AK Interactive Air Series acrylics US Modern Aircraft 1

Tamiya Acrylics

Citadel Acrylics

Alclad Lacquers


Weathering done by mottling the main colours over a black base followed by bleaching the colours.  Panel lines and stains done with Windsor & Newton Oils and Tamiya Weathering Master sets.  Final flat coat applied using Estapol Matt Varnish thinned 50/50 with Turpentine.


I wanted this build to have dropped flaps and slats but could not get hold of the Wolfpack Resin set which is long out of production so out came the scalper and plasticard to cut away the flaps and rebuild the wing spars and re-profile the flaps.  Canopy rear view mirrors and "towl rails" scratch built.









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19 hours ago, GreyGhost said:

Nice job Andrew, particularly on the leading and trailing edge flaps!

Cool subject to depict too.




Thanks Gregg.  The flaps aren’t perfect as there’s a lot of material loss when removing them from the kit.  As a consequence, the outboard flaps dont match the length of the inboard flaps.  This is why I wanted the Wolfpack set.  I know that Darren Roberts of Steel Beach has now cast a set for the Revell Hornet but they weren’t available at the time I started this build.

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