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Best uses for peg board in the hobby room?

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Hi everyone,


I just relocated my model desk and I now have a large peg board above it.  I know I can hang tools on it but was really curious how you all use peg boards in the hobby room. I'd love to hear how you all have incorporated peg boards to organize or make your model building area more useful/enjoyable. In addition, anyone have any good ideas to mount paint racks on it? 


Thanks in advance!

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I had pegboard above my bench at ont point.  Many of the hooks and tool holders were too big for the tools we use, but I did find a pegboard basket. It was useful for placing frequently used bottles of glue, filler, et cetera within easy reach, instead of taking up room on the work area,

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I'm a bit of an oddball here because my desk is for building static and RC models, so I have a good bit of tools that are not used for static model building.    I dont have an actual pegboard, but I do have a multitude of nails and hooks hanging on the wall and shelves above my table.   When I move into a larger space and have more room, then I will have an actual pegboard and separate tables. 


- One row of nails used for various tapes. 

- One row holding bags that contain raw materials like carbon rod, polystyrene card and strips, polycarbonate stock, closed and open cell foam, etc...   

- One section that has bags of assorted sandpaper and cases of needle and fret files. 

- One section with bags containing metal tubes, rods and other raw metal bits. 

- Several rows of RC specific parts... bearings, shafts, gears, bellcranks, etc... 


I do this so that anything small and frequently used is right there at eye level.  More efficient for me than storing these things in a box or drawers.    I reserve those for larger items, or items that are used less frequently (like rolls of heatshrink and large blocks of foam insulation).   


My modelling tools are laid out on a shelf about 8" above my table, sort of like how a surgeon has their tools laid out on a table.   I have metal mesh baskets holding things like sanding sticks, paint pens and superfine markers. Behind the tools are rows of paint bottles, but those are getting some sort of wallmount soon, to clear up some space.   


Shelves above the table hold various things.  I have a section where I keep built sub-assemblies and prepped parts.  Another section where I keep hardware like magnifying glasses and helping hands (for soldering).   At the very top, I have a shelf with some old models that I use as paint test mules... and a 3/4 built balsa wright flyer that I'm totally gonna finish one of these days. 


Airbrush compressor is under the desk.  

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6 hours ago, williambra said:

Storage and organizing has long since had a time tested fallback…pegboard. While most people think of it as a utilitarian material, pegboard organization can be pretty! We love how there is a new, modern take on pegboard ideas. The trend is towards more minimal looks with oversized holes, or even entire pegboard walls. This fits into a modern, Scandinavian, or Boho designed home as well as updates a more contemporary space. From kitchen pegboards, to pegboard shelves, all the way to DIY pegboard walls, we have tutorials for you. So be prepared for a storage shock… Pretty (& modern) pegboard ideas & storage DIY’s!

SOURCE: OhMe OhMy Blog

thanks for posting uncredited borrowed quotes...

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I threw my pegboard away. The pegs never stayed in the holes and the tools kept randomly falling

off at all hours day and night. It was nothing but a nightmare! NEVER again for that worthless



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1 hour ago, TheMongoose said:

Set it up to hang all your sprues on if you have any room. Really beats the heck out of sorting through the box lol


I've been doing this for a while. Keeps the bench clear, things better organized. P-38 Trumpeter up on the board.




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