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Hajo L.

Review: HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet in 1:72 by Sova-M

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I´d like to show you guys my latest catch: The HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet by Sova-M in 1/72.




The HFB 320 is a mid-wing monoplane of conventional layout, with rear-mounted twin jet engines beneath a T-tail. Constructed entirely of metal, it has a 10-seat passenger cabin and retractable tricycle undercarriage.

An unusual feature of the aircraft is its forward-swept wing, which is mid-mounted in the fuselage. This arrangement allows the main wing spar to pass through the fuselage behind the passenger cabin, allowing a longer cabin with more seats while maintaining adequate headroom in the small-diameter fuselage.


The German Air Force had ordered 13 HFB 320s in 1963. As part of the evaluation of the type, two preproduction aircraft were delivered to the ErpSt 61 test wing at Oberpfaffenhoffen in 1966. This resulted in six aircraft being ordered for VIP use by the German Air Force. Production deliveries for use as VIP transports commenced in 1969.

A further eight Hansa jets were purchased by the German Air Force for ECM training, these being delivered between August 1976 and April 1982. The German Air Force replaced its VIP Hansas with Canadair Challengers in 1987, but the ECM aircraft remained in service until 1994. (Wikipedia)


I don´t have any previous experience with Sova-M from Ukraine, but it looks like the company already has some exoerience with short-run-series. This particular kit is also a short-run, limited to a production size of only 450 pieces, which forced me to order it from Hannants before it runs out of stock... 😉




At first glance very fine detail and a lot of parts = a lot of modelling fun!


The instructions are quite clear and to the point on only a few pages.




Sprue A:




Fine and crisp details are prove that todays short-run kits usually don´t have to fear the competition with "big producers".




Wings and their details:






Sprue F is included twice, while sprue G contains the specific parts for the ECM-version.




Antennas and other small parts in detail:




Interior details and jet engines:








Engine details, they will be improved by PE-parts that come with the kit:




Besides clear parts and decals the kit includes PEs for grills and windshield wipers as well as masks for the clear parts.




Looking good, literally! 😉




Not too much markings, but I´m ok with that!




And the camo-scheme, which should leave no questions. Color codes are done according to the Humbrol-system.






Jürgen Busse, aka "Viking", was so kind to provide us with an updated version of the camoflage plan. Especially the top and the bottom were incorrect, since the green color was missing there. Jürgen is also working on a correction set for the decals.


Recommended colors are RAL 7030, RAL 7012 und RAL 7009.












Edited by Hajo L.

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Thanks for posting these pictures. I've had my eye on this and now I need to get one before they're gone! It'll be interesting to compare it to my Airmodel vac form kit. 

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Yup, I'm in the same boat as Kingoalie. I was undecided on this kit and now I must have it.  Thanks for posting the pictures.  :thumbsup:

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Thanks for posting this Hajo! I have never even seen this jet before, but will be getting this kit. There's just something so cool to me about a business jet or transport with all sorts of ECM bumps on it. Then to this add forward swept wings..... SOLD! Thanks, Fred.

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