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Christmas Raffle Anyone??

The Christmas/Holiday/December Raffle!  

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Hello my ARC friends.  Its been a couple of cold winters since the last time we put one of these things on.  Various people have grown older.  Some threads have gone haywire.  More model kits have fallen into stashes.....  never to be built.


But this year, we can celebrate the holidays with an evening of joy, drinking (and newly legalized alternative celebratory activities...in my country anyway) all in the name of randomized prize giving!


Our newer community members can do a little search to see what I am talking about but basically we set up a room and we draw names.  Winners get to select from a bunch of prizes donated by participants.    Of course, one does not HAVE to donate a prize to play... but surely, you must have something you can see off to a happy home.  Keep in mind, donors are on the hook for shipping.


SO! What do you say?  I suppose I can dig up Pete and keep him happy for another season.


I'll put a poll up... if we get... say.. 50 "yes" votes, then we can set this up.



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