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1/72 Custom 2199 Zero

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Hi everyone


I'm posting this here because the sci-fi section doesn't get much traffic

As an aside from my Star Destroyer, I pulled this one out of the stash for something quick to build. This kit only took 3 days to build and paint and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

It's the Bandai 1/72 2199 Cosmo Zero. I've opted for a scheme that, I think, makes it look racy but nasty.

All the metallics are Alclad and the rest is Tamiya paints.

Completely OOB and no lighting

The stand comes with the kit - I just added some wires for intererst























I originally had turquoise for the leading edges but decided that it was to stark a contrast and looked to toy like. I ended up going for Gold Titanium which looks much better

It was a fun build and the only glue it needed was to secure the missiles to the wing

Well, that's all I have but thanks for looking. Feel free to critique


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Wow, 3 days...The scheme you used with the metallic colors turned out great.  The missiles add just the right amount of contrast to the darker colors of the Zero.  I really like it.


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Thanks for the kind posts guys 

I ummed n arghed a few times before settling on the current scheme. I nearly went with the same metallic red for the leading edges as the bombs but stopped short as I felt gold would be a better contrast 

Might go down that road another time or leave it to someone else to do 

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