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For sale: decal sheets for U.S. jets, mostly 1/48

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Hi Folks,


I want to reduce my stash of decal sheets, therefore some oft hem are up for sale. All sheets are complete with instructions.

Prices are without shiping costs. Items are in Austria, Europe. Therefore the prices are given in Euros. However, I am willing to ship worldwide.

Preferred payment is Paypal.


All are 1/48, unless stated otherwise.


F-16C: Speed Hunter Graphics 48007 "SEAD Specialists - Wild Weasel Vipers Part I", € 18

A-10A/C: Speed Hunter Graphics 48012 "Heavenly Hogs - Part I: Hogs in Reserve", € 18

A-10A: Afterburner Decals 48-047 „Spang Hawgs - 81st Fighter Squadron 1999 – 2008“, € 30

A-10C: Caracal Models CD48034 „Air National Guard A-10C Part 2: Arkansas & Michigan ANG“ € 10

1/32 F-16CJ Eduard AVI Print 32002, € 8

F-14A: Afterburner Decals 48-069 „Victory Cats (VF-84)“, € 50 35

F-5E: TwoBobs 48-014 „VFC-13 Desert Cats“, € 20 10

F-16C/D: Caracal Models CD48093 „F-16C/D Dark Vipers“, € 10

F-16C: Speed Hunter Graphics 48010 "USAFE Vipers", € 25





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Price update, new sheets
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