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F-15C as bombing platform?

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On ‎11‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 9:19 AM, habu2 said:

Anyone remember McDD's slogan back when they were pitching the Eagle to USAF?


"not a pound for air-to-ground"


while on the other side of the ramp they were testing A-G stores/delivery...


I do remember seeing that bumper sticker on vehicles at the F-15 Joint Test Force at Edwards. I think it was a poke in the eye to the F-4 guys that were flying chase on the F-15's. I think most of the F-15 test pilots came out of the F-4 or maybe the A-7. 



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I have a McAir poster that has an F-15C on the top half with the caption: " Shoots down what's up..."

The lower half has an F-15E prototype with the continuing caption: "... blows up what's down!"



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6 hours ago, BN7149 said:

Is it still the case that the only 1/48 option to source the "fighter" CFTs is with the early Hasegawa F-15E (the one in the euro-1 camo)?


Additionally, can anybody comment on the ability to fit those Hasegawa CFTs to a GWH F-15C?  I'm sure there are more particulars, but I'm thinking of building a Keflavik-based C if that is viable.




Every Hasegawa 1/48 "F-15E" prior to the 2010 boxing (the current white box) had the old CFTs, up to and including the Ace Combat/idolm@ster special release from 2009.  In 1/72, it continued a couple of years longer, and the first kit with new CFTs was the F-15I "Ra'am". In other words, you don't need to go *that* far back to find one with CFTs more suited to an F-15C. 


Also, Hasegawa has released the 1/72 kit as a single-seater with CFTs at least once, in the form of the "57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron" boxing from 2013, though that kit didn't include the bomb sprue that holds the missile launchers... 


Edit: A better bet for CFTs that'll fit the GWH F-15C is probably the GWH F-15E - and while it's really hard to tell from the pictures, that kit might actually come with the proper parts already. At least it will most likely be much easier to mod the missile launcher parts from a Hasegawa onto the GWH CFTs than it would be to mod the Hasegawa CFTs onto a GWH kit.)

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On 11/6/2018 at 12:21 PM, JakubJakepilot said:

BIG thanks for all the answers 🙂 One more question: were Saudi F-15Cs ever updated that they have the tips of vertical stabs like USAF birds ? Or, when I see the big/small combo, it is one of the 24 transferred from USAF stocks in 1990 ? Thanks !



Those are the jets transferred from the USAF.



On 11/5/2018 at 2:40 PM, habu2 said:


Did the 15s also have CCRP ?  or CCIP only ?



Dusting off some old brain cells here, but I only remember CCIP.  I can check with one of my coworker's; he flew test jets and dropped bombs on several occasions from the C model.  He also got to shoot an AIM-4 off the F-15.




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Was looking into my modelling archive books and found this:


All F-15C/D are CFT capable. A limited number of Type-1 CFTs (4 pylons, for AA weapons only) were transferred to Saudi Arabia during Gulf war.

And, what I DID NOT KNOW, that :

In 1989 Saudi (and also Israel later) ordered new F-15C/Ds (C 90-0263/0271 and D 90-0272/0274 ) - they were modded F-15E airframes with F-15C systems - as the F-15C/Ds were already out of production.

Question is: did the later F-15C/Ds based on F-15E airframes had the bulged gear doors for main gear ? and other F-15E mods externally visible ? just curious ...

Thanks !

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