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1/72 scale Cold War Era Flight Line Fuelers and Other Equipment

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I'm looking for a good Vietnam era USN/USAF fuel truck for flight line use in 1/72 that I can use for dioramas from Vietnam until the early 2000s. To this day I find it incredible that for all the modern US and Nato aircraft made in this scale and all the requests for help like this the major kit makers ignore a potential gold mine. Even Aoshima makes an aviation fuel truck for the JSDF and there are lots of Russian and Soviet era trucks on the market. The same for crash trucks, Airfix has made just the WWII Crash Equipment and Hasegawa is releasing a current civilian airport crash truck but there is nothing for land use between those periods while there are several GAZ and ZIL trucks available from eastern Europe.


I just need something that looks 'right' for the time. I have an idea for my new Counter Invader getting prepped for a mission and a fuel truck and a couple of other vehicles like pick up trucks would be nice to have. 

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That's good news then, I was actually looking at kitbashing the Airfix refueling trucks with more modern cabs as well as doing the same with a fuel tank from a Russian truck and grafting it to a Hasegawa GMC chassis. There is such a demand for flight line equipment that it's beyond me why the kit makers haven't tried to cash in. Hasegawa had a great start int he 80s but they dropped the ball along the way. While I hate to spend a lot of money on things I'm looking more and more at the resin market for flight line gear, Brengun has a lot of the smaller support items found on a Navy flight line or flight deck and there's a UK company that makes a military Crash Truck. 


At the moment I now need to get a few Hasegawa T-34 Mentor kits because all of my flight line and flight deck figures, tugs and equipment have gone missing. What kills me is that some of that stuff was from Verlinden that went out of production in the 90s and now are super expensive if you can find it on eBay. Here's hoping that we get lots of nice things in this scale this year. 

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Know what you mean.  My interest is mainly RAF, so what lightline diorama from 70s & 80s would be complete without a Mammoth Major tanker?  But no one does 1/72 or 1/76 (I think there may have been a kit listed on Scalemates but I can’t see it available anywhere).  My interest is 1/48 and the same is true.  I ended up converting a Corgi 1/50 Bedford civilian tanker in to an RAF one.  This is it with a collection of kit & scratch ground equipment





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