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Getting out of acrylics, selling my entire lot (AK, Ammo, Vallejo) lower prices!

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I purchased several sets of AK, Ammo, vallejo paint. They seem like great paints but I just cannot get them to work for me. These paints have not been used on a full build, just tested only. Prefer to sell as a lot, no trades, as I am going to use the funds to go back to Tamiya acrylic lacquers. I am asking 100 shipped to CONUS for the remaining lot. If interested email me at davisstudent25@gmail.com. (I have also included individual prices WITH shipping). Will ship internationally!
PS:Open to reasonable offers FOR THE LOT, not individual sets.

Ammo paint sets:
Middle East Air Forces (all 4 bottles tested) $10    SOLD
French Modern Jets (not used) $16
Modern USA Army colors (not used) $30
Afghanistan War colors 1979-1989 (not used) $15

AK paint sets:
Modern US Navy paint set (one paint bottle tested) $30
Iraq & Afghanistan AFV set (one paint bottle tested) $30
AK Thinner bottle (lightly used) $10
AK ball stirs $7

Vallejo paint sets:  SOLD
Israel Air Force set (not used) $25
USAF Grey set (one paint bottle tested) $25
USAF Vietnam set (one paint bottle tested)  $25
Mig 21 color set (2 bottles opened and stirs added) $25
Vallejo paint retarder $5
Vallejo airbrush flow improver 200 ML bottle $5
Vallejo airbrush thinner $5
Vallejo white color bottle $3

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