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Revell 1/25 '57 Chevy Nomad

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 This kit's been bugging me since I got it so why not-let's do this. I built this way back when (the instructions state 1973 but I'm sure it was maybe '76 when I got mine) and I brush painted it copper to match the box, and it never dried... So here we are on the redo and it'll be a straight OOB build of the kit on the box:




 I've seen discussions about how inaccurate the kit is but I'm not going to lose a bunch of sleep trying to correct anything. I do however have a few sink marks and mold lines to deal with on the shell:








 You can't see it in this pic but there's a nasty sink mark in the quarter panels right above the Bel Air emblem.


 So fixing that (and one in the hood) is underway, as well as some pre-painting:




  I'll have to spray more on the seats as I got the colors backwards. But I'll sit down now and start the engine.

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 Pre-painting continues:




 Some of these parts you've seen before. Those of us who have built a Revell Chevy kit are familiar with the unusual engine they provide-the block is 3 parts with crank exposed and the pistons at various points in their stroke. Not the best fitting-the transmission bellhousing has a gap on the top. The body has a lot of warping too. The bigger issue is the fender tops at the front are splayed apart so the hood doesn't fit well. Trying to squeeze then together broke the cowl in front of the windshield so I fitted the hood hinge parts to reinforce it and fixed the break. I also glued the radiator support in hoping it'll draw them together. And another issue has come up that I've noticed with these older kits-the glue isn't melting the plastic like it should. The plastic melts but it takes a while for them to truly bond.


 There's a lot of chrome in the interior to deal with as well as dash details but while that goes on I'll keep working on sub-assemblies.

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 Here's where this one's at:




 This one will be a while. I was putting on the front crossmember when the frame rail shattered in two pieces. The plastic is quite old and doesn't take glue well-it's superglued back together but I doubt it'll line up as it should and it'll get interesting when I put the body shell on the chassis (if THAT doesn't shatter in the process). Also, when I put the fan belt assembly on the front of the motor the top pulley disintegrated...


 We'll see where this goes but it's not getting finished any time soon.

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