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One of the things I picked up at SMW Telford was a new resin kit of the Royal Navy submarine HMS Tabard - (thanks Chris for the heads-up)


This Group III T-Class sub is made by Starling Models and is an excellent kit of an iconic British WWII sub.


The resin parts come in a stout cardboard box - filled with polystyrene 'worms'  to protect the contents....




The 8-page instruction booklet is well printed with eay to follow steps....






Note the two types of gun emplacement.




Colour painting guide.




Superbly cast one-piece hull - with some 'flash' - but no air holes or bubbles - excellent casting :worthy:




The rest of the resin parts.




Gun barrels from Mastermodel, etched brass fret and decal sheet.


This is a quality kit of an important British submarine - and if it proves as popular as it should, we hopefully can expect more from Starling Models.


I can't wait to get started.



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I have made a start......


I cleaned up some casting 'flash' and washed the parts in warm soapy water and made a start on adding the decking parts.


I had thought that the etched brass decking would simply be stuck down onto a flat deck to provide detail - but it is much better than that!


The etched parts are actually grilles that fit over recesses moulded into the deck - just like the real thing!


So before adding them I painted the recesses Panzer Grey - on the grounds that it would be easier than trying to paint inside the recesses AFTER the grilles were in place.


Not like me to be thinking ahead...............




In the above photo, the front torpedo hatches, an open weave forward grille and a closer weave rear grilles have been added - with more still to add.


This really is a quality kit - I am very impressed :worthy:  :thumbsup:


More later



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Decking complete.......




It really is quite delicate - but perfectly etched..........




There is a slight mistake on the instruction shet - where the part numbers don't agree with the numbers on the etch....


For example part 8 on the instruction sheet is actually 10 on the etched fret, instruction sheet part 10 is etched as part 9 and part 9 on the instruction sheet is on the fret - but not numbered !


Minor errors and easily identifiable.



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If anyone is still following ???


A little more progress.........


The kit supplies the propeller housings - and very delicate castings they are!........




The modeller has to supply the prop shafts - either from plastic or brass rod - BUT the instructions quote their length as 5mm -

instead of the correct 11mm (according to my measuring)........




The deck guns - QF 4in and 20mm Oerlikon - are each made up from a resin breech and a mounting pedestal -

with a turned metal barrel provided by Master-Model of Poland.


The parts are tiny - almost at the limit of my eyesight and dexterity - but they make up into stunning models in their own right.....

the 4in even has a hole at the sharp end !!




For reference - the 4in (left)  is just 15mm long  :analintruder:


The instructions continue to have silly errors with the numbering of parts - there is no mention of the 4in's mounting pedestal (part 7) and the

20mm resin parts are 8 & 9 - not 7 as quoted on the instruction diagram.


These minor quibbles aside, this really is a stunning kit - you just need a degree in Micro Surgery to do it justice!!


Although..... if I can do it, anyone can.



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A little more.....


The first coat of Halfords Grey Plastic Primer shows all that nice detail...........




....especially the excellent etched decking - most realistic..... :worthy:





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Awesome. Have been waiting to see one. Need to get one on my shelf. Should kickstart my WWII submarine build, but I need to decide what Soviet boat to do.



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Argh! Went to order and Starling is out of stock. Flankerman, I have to live vicariously through you for a while...



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