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FS/FT 1/32 & 1/48 JETS Aftermarket, Decals and Kits - Items added 10 Sep

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I have following aftermarket and packages for sale. Payment by Paypal preferred. (Personal check also accepted but shipment will be delayed until the check clears.) Prefer to conduct transactions with CONUS, but will perform conduct transactions outside US if buyer is prepared for high cost of postage. Postage to be determined, but I'm using primarily FLAT RATE Priority Mail Boxes for ease of use.  FREE POSTAGE IN US FOR DECALS IF 3 OR MORE SHEETS PURCHASED.

Please PM me if you are interested. Please let me know if you are located in the US and if you are paying by PayPal.


Legend Productions LF3213 SJU-17 Seat for Academy F/A-18 $10.00
TwoBobs 32-016 F/A-18 Patriot Hornets VFA-115 VFA-201 for F/A-18A $10.00
CAM Pro 32-019 Blue Angels 2006 Season for F/A-18A/B $7.00
CAM Decals 32-013 VMFA-232 Bi-centennial for F-4J $5.00




F-4 Phantom

CAM 48026 VMFA-323 VMFA-232 BiCentennial for F-4N/J   $7.00 ADDED
Eagle Strike 48112 Phantoms Forever Pt7 VMFA-235, 323, 451 Bicentennial for F-4N/J   $7.00 PENDING

Eduard EX078 Canopy Wheel & Camera Window Masks  for Hasegawa RF-4B/E   $3.00 PENDING

Impact Decals 48-002 VMCJ-2/ VMAQ-2 Playboys  for  EA-6A/B RF-4B  $10.00 PENDING

SuperScale 48-985 VF-31 MiG Kill  for  F-4J   $7.00 PENDING


F-5 Freedom Fighter/ Tiger

TanDecal 48002 (Turkey, Kenya, Venezuela, Philippines, Iran)  $12.00

TwoBobs 48-124 VMFT-401 Snipers for F-5E  $10.00 ADDED


F-8 Crusader

Aeromaster 48-568 Colorful Crusaders PtVII for F-8E  $7.00 ADDED


F-14 Tomcat

Please see my separate F-14 ad


F/A-18 Hornet/ Super Hornet

Afterburner Decals AD48-012 VFA-105 Gunslingers for Hasegawa F/A-18E   $10.00

Afterburner Decals AD48-013 VFA-211 Fighting Checkmates 2005-2006  for F/A-18F  $10.00  ADDED

Afterburner Decals AD48-025 Pax River Testers  for  F/A-18A/B/C/D/E/F   $15.00
SuperScale 48-435 VMFA-321 & VFA-37  for  F/A-18A/C   $5.00 


Harrier and Sea Harrier

Aeromaster 48-540 Sea Harrier (Royal Navy)  for  Sea Harrier FRS1   $5.00 ADDED
Master AM-48-070 Pitot Tube and AoA Probe  for  Sea Harrier FRS1   $3.00 ADDED

Neomega C34 Cockpit Set  for Airfix Sea Harrier FRS1   $7.00 ADDED

Pavla 48027 Martin Baker Mk 10 Seat  for  Sea Harrier FRS1 FA2  $4.00 ADDED


Su-27 Flanker

AIRES 4264 Su-27B Exhaust Nozzles  for Academy Su-27   $15.00
Begemot 48-006 Russian Knights Flankers  for Academy Su-27   $15.00
Eduard EX104 Su-27B Mask  for Academy Su-27   $2.00


TwoBobs TBK48-002 T-2C Buckeye VT-9 & USNTPS  for Special Hobby  T-2C   $10.00


Kitty Hawk KH80102   F-35B Lightning II   $50.00  



AIRES #4487 ICAP-2 (Late) Cockpit Set for the Kinetic EA-6B Prowler

Intake Covers or seamless intakes for 1/48 Hasegawa F-4K/M


Thanks in advance!

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Posted (edited)

Updated with additional trade interest and prices lowered on 2 packages.

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A-6 Intruder and EA-6B items added.  Sold items removed.  Trade interests updated. 

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Posted (edited)

ADDED F-14 Items F-14 Package

REDUCED F-5 Package

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