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Here’s the December 2018 release from Wolfpak Decals:


72-122, Passing the Test. First up is a Tornado IDS from the Luftwaffe in the green lizard scheme.  An A-6A used by the Pacific Missile Test Center in the testing of the air launched version of what was to become the Tomahawk missile follows.  Decals include those for the test missile which can be found in the ModelCollect cruise missile kit.   A HH-2C rescue helicopter from HC-7 during the Vietnam War is next.   From Edwards AFB is an ALCM test program safety chase F-4E with white wing tops.  For those who have a B-52G with ALCM pylons but no strakelets two B-52G’s used in the cruise missile integration tests.  One jet is from McConnell AFB and the other Edwards.  They were both on loan from the 320th BW at Mather AFB.  These aircraft had interesting markings to include large areas on the wing tops painted back with a orangish-red bar thru them.  More detail is provided on the B&W instruction sheet.  They carried both the ALCM-86B and the AGM-109A.  One photo shows an aircraft loaded with both missiles which I would assume was for a ground display only.  The last aircraft on the sheet is a B-17G from the 570th BS, 390th BG.  Eleven years ago one of my nephews asked me to do this aircraft using my software and printer at home for him.  He knew the pilot, Bob Penovich, a friend of the family.  After he built it he suggested that I should do decals for everyone and so started Wolfpak Decals.  This one is dedicated to the late Bob and Zora (Lady Faithful) Penovich.

72-123, Cruising.  Tried to capture the needs of all modelers on this one.  Hope I’ve come close.  This sheet covers the three cruise missiles developed during the 1980’s for the B-52G&H.  It has been printed as a half sheet but will be sold as a single sheet and as a double pack for those who want to do full B-52 external load-outs.  The single sheet is tailored to those who want to do the half and half load-out described above or just markings for stand-a-loan weapons. 

Here are the Missile types and quantities in the double pack:

12 Captive carry and jettison test AGM-86B's.

12 AGM-86B's in the grey markings with the U.S. AIR FORCE and national insignia or the captive carry AGM-109A's with the same.

12 AGM-86C CALCM's.

12 AGM-129 ACM

Markings are also provided for 2 of: white flight test AGM-86B or 2 dark grey flight test AGM-86B's, a jettison test AGM-109A and a flight test AGM-109A.

12-18, Thank You,  Once again it’s December and I’d like to thank you for your patronage.  This sheet can be had with the purchase of $36.00 USD not to include shipping of other Wolfpak products.

First up is a RB-57E, Patricia Lynn aircraft from Tan So Nuht in 1968. The A-4 that Sen. John McCain was flying when he was shot down follows.  Two options for the YA-10B is next.  First the initial markings when the aircraft had the 20.5 inch vertical tail extensions and then those later in its test career when the tails were shorten to a dimension that was 8.5 inches greater than those of a standard A-10.  Last but not least a Mirage F1JA from the Ecuadorian AF that shot down a SU-22 during a conflict in 1995.

Pricing: Sheet 72-122 $17.50, 72-123 Single $9.50, Double Pack $14.50



Wolfpak Decals













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