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T-45C Goshawk 1/32nd Scale Revell kit Conversion

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I like it, gots some buggers but I learned some new techniques and it’ll look decent on a shelf!


Final build article link HERE!


Gave the model a name BTW




See if you can figure out why….












Thanks for watching,



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For anyone willing to attempt this type of conversion, I have uploaded some files to Thingiverse. Some of the parts are meant to be printed on resin type printers and others for CNC milling.  Part descriptions will indicate what method best suited for production.


Enjoy and thanks for watching the project.




P.S.  Plans will be published at a future date.  I'll post here when available.


Goshawk Parts

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On 5/6/2019 at 4:00 AM, Timmy! said:

You're warm.  The ailerons are deflected.  Ailerons deflected normally, there is no cross control.  Cross control, very bad in swept wing jets, by the way.


Ooooohhhhh I didn't know this. Why is cross controlling verboten in swept wings?


Works a treat when trying to bleed off height on small straight wing trainers... Trade that height with no airspeed loss in no time!



Oh and an absolutely excellently executed build, the display is award winning IMO. 

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It has to do with swept wing aerodynamics and span wise airflow.   Bad things like adverse yaw and pro-verse roll happen.   Google swept wing aerodynamics if you want to learn more.


In small aircraft straight wing world, a gnarly slip to descend fast or fix that high approach, short of aerobatics...nothing more fun!



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