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Hajo L.

HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet in 1:72 by Sova-M

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I´d like to show you my current project, the HFB-320 ECM Hansa Jet by Sova-M.


This is a Short-Run-kit, recognisable by the missing part numbers on the sprue - but the instructions have a plan where you can localize the parts.




Nevertheless the cockpit has a lot of details, including pedals, which I have left away since they won´t be visible later. Fitting the cabin windows was hard work, because they barely fit into the holes. But after using brute force they are pretty well stuck and won´t fall out.


The instrument panel is done with a nice decals, and to be on the safe side I added some weight to the nose.




Glueing the two halves together was fairly simple and easy, even though they don´t have pins to help position the two pieces. Since the two halves were a slightly bit warped I started glueing aft and continued my way forward.






I also added a crew, using pilots from the Revell Modern NATO-pilots set.






The forward swept wings look cool!




Unfortunately I had a small hick-up, then some more trouble and fortunately a happy end. This is how that event started:




I think the problem is clar: The Jet is not sitting straight, which is the result of an improper installation of the main gear-box on the port-side. This can happen with a short-run, since positioning parts may be more tricky than on an "usual kit". I take full responsibility here!

Then I tried my first solution: Cutting the port main-gear strut, sand it shorter and re-attach it. Well, it all went well until I tried to cut it off - with a soft "piiiing" the cut-off part flew away and fell vitiom to the carpet-monster. Or the couch-monster. Or whatever took it... 😞

Fortunately I just had finished a 1/72 Su-27 in flying condition, and simply raided one of the main gear struts from that kit. Voilà:




The last two days I added all the small stuff like antennas to the belly and the top of the aircraft:






And now I´m waiting for a fellow modeller to finish the updated camoflage-plan. He told me that the plan of the kit is incomplete and missing some green spots on the wings. Hopefully I can start painting today or tomorrow.



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During the last days I continued working on the HFB-320.


Fortunately my fellow modeller provided me with the updated camoflage-plan. I will post it in the review of the kit.


First I painted the bright grey, using Revells 75 that got some white mixed into it. Eventually some blue would have been good here, or adding some drops of Revells 43 and 76. But I´m happy how it looks now:




Then I added Gunship-grey, which is Revells 77. You may add some drops of Revell Blue Grey 79, but I think it´s "blue enough":




And finally some Revell Green 65, which got a little bit of yellow (15) into it:




The final picture shows the Hansa with all details like antennas and stuff painted. All that´s missing are the position lights and the wheels. And of course decals.




And that´s where I am right now: I have just finished adding the decals. They are good to work with, but a lot of small stencils are missing, and the big decals for the wings are in the wrong color. Also, the bird has only one "Balkenkreuz" on the upper and lower side and not two, and those coming with the kit are too big.


However, the above mentionend fellow modeller already announced to be working on a correction set of decals (and also on a "Fly Out"-version), so I recommend waiting for that set.




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Interesting looking aircraft and cool looking color scheme too!




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Well, I think no one else did this kit until now, so I have a good chance that mine is the first one finished.


Overall I´d say that this is a really nice kit, with some weaknesses concering the decals especially, but nothing that should really worry you.






The camo is a nice outfit for this jet!













Small windshield wipers:









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Very cool! Who's your friend that's making decals for it and do you know who will sell them?

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That friend is Jürgen Busse. I have no idea of his plans on how to sell his decals, but I will keep you informed. Just look out for any updates in the review-thread:




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