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Up at the angle just forward of the Cat 1 JBD, carriers have a mast with a weather vein at the top. What was unique about America's was it was painted with horizontal red and white stripes representing the flag.



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I don’t know if you bought the JFK before the Kitty Hawk kit came out or not. FYI the America, Constellation, and the Kitty Hawk were all the same class (Kitty Hawk class). The JFK was a stand alone class. It was originally going to be a Nuc, but congress cut funding on the hull and made it conventional. 

Too bad you didn’t get the Kitty Hawk kit. It would have saved ya a lot of work. 😉



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I have a set of decals that covers CVW-11 on the USS America. (1981)

HS-12  SH-3 Helos

VA-95  A-6E

VA-192 and VA-195 A-7E's

VAW-123 E-2C's

VAQ-133  EA-6B

VF-114 and VF-213 F-14's

VS-33 S-3A

VQ-2  EA-3B

VR-24  C-2


The VAW-133 and VA-195 are in Lo-Vis  all other are Hi-Vis

The decal set covers all aircraft Down to the correct BuNo's

This is the cruise they represent https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv66-81/index.html

PM me your email and I can send you pics of what the 2 full page decal sheets look like.


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