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WARNING! Been phished tonight!

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I was on Google tonight looking for a decal sheet I'd seen some time ago selling on e Bay and now no longer available when suddenly ...ta daaa...on sale at an online hobbyshop!

Wow I'm a lucky Guy!  Price is good! Ok now for the shipping costs I have to create an account...no problem I thought.

So put the article on the shopping chart and...wow the shipping cost is more than acceptable.

What the Hell let's pay before all this disappears!

Damnation no paypal option available!

But ok! Wher's my credit card...numbers, expiration date, cvv...ok all Done!  

Yeah order accepted!


I can't belive after all these researches I got it!!!!!


Well let's see which country they are selling from. ...usa?...japan? ...China? ...Taiwan?.....Strange. ..no address. ...Strange ...no Tel.  Numbers...Strange no email....




Ok guys I had been phished!😂😂😂


Just called the credit card society my 18 Usd went to china apparently. Had to block the card and to open a claim.



You may say I'm a fool and that's right but BE AWARE!


If You find something you were looking for from a while first check the domain extension.

Mine wasn't a .com, or a .net. It was a .xyz!


I've seen the same trick performed with different domain name but always with the same .xyz extension.


So it can be either "cicirulin.xyz" or "hobbysell.xyz" or whatever it's the same.


Hope this sad story  may help you😉



(Noooo not to me!)








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