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Improving Hasegawa 1:48 Tomcat – 17: Tails, Stabilizers, and Strakes (IV)

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On 12/31/2018 at 5:50 AM, Lucio Martino said:










So, basically we need to have the Tamiya kit in order to be able to make these modifications. 

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19 hours ago, SERNAK said:

So, basically we need to have the Tamiya kit in order to be able to make these modifications. 


Yes, you need a Tamiya Tomcat.

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Wow, I've just re-read the entire topic. When I make my Hasegawa Tomcat, I'll revisit once more. Awesome work. Didn't know about the vanes thickness issue. Now it's obvious. Great work.


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Improving Hasegawa 1:48 tomcat - 18

Tails, Stabilizers, and Strakes (IV)


And then comes step 20 according to which the parts D14 and D30 are glued together, using part A13 as a spacer (pic 219).



In step 21, this his sub-assembly should be glued to the upper and lower half-fuselage (pic 220).




Honestly, that doesn't seem like a good idea to me, especially after taking a close look at all three of these parts (pic 221). 




I really don't think that part A13 can ensure a good alignment of this sub-assembly to the fuselage. In addition, this is a quite visible area, especially the upper half-fuselage. This idea of mine was confirmed by several other threads dedicated to this kit. So, I left aside part A13 and removed any related small bits of plastic (pic 222).




My choice was to glue part D14 directly to the upper half-fuselage and part D30 to the lower half-fuselage, as you can see in pics 223-228. I have to acknowledge that it was more difficult than expected, so much so as to require a lot of care, superglue as a filler, and a very gentle sanding work.














Actually, part D30 fits to the lower fuselage better than part D14 to the lower fuselage. In the next pic (229) a dry fit of the rear ends of the parts D14 and D30, now glued to the semi-fuselages.




In the last (230), the Evergreen stripes that, at the end, I used to ensure greater solidity to these joints.




Once again, any feedback is welcome. 

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Time is coming to think about seats:

- The two seats on the left are the ones included into the Aires cockpit set. They are missing of the photoetched belts.

- The one in the middle is the original Hasegawa one.

- The two seats on the rigth are Verlinden.

Which one you like the best?

I don't have any Quickboost F-14 seats. Should I get a couple of Quickboost seats instead ?





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After another long break, time has come to resume once again this project.






Improving Hasegawa 1:48 Tomcat - 14

Tails, Stabilizers, and Strakes (III)


Months ago, in a private message, Thadeus noticed that the ventral strakes on the Tamiya Tomcat are glued in recess and I asked me if I accounted for that in my mod.


The short answer was and is yes, but now I am finally able to show you a couple of photos in which the Tamiya and the Hasegawa modified strakes are compared side by side. Pic 231 shows the Tamiya strake dry fitted into the under fuselage. The following two pics show how the Tamiya strake compare with the unmodified and modified Hasegawa strake. Looking carefully, the pencil line I traced when taking pic 231 is visible on the Tamiya strake.












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To those who have followed this thread, I feel the need to say that I have not given up on this project. The reason I haven't published anything new is that last spring I had to drop off my Hasegawa Tomcat in Rome, Italy on my way back here to the United States.
Unfortunately, I had other priorities in packing.
I still don't know when I'll be back, but as soon as I get this kit in my hands, I'll work on it again and keep you updated on my progress.

Cheers, Lucio

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Ciao, Lucio

Such a long spell, bambino. How are you doing? Nice to see you're still round the forums.

It's very good news to have learnt that you've not given up on this awesome build. Yours is a thread I always come to check first because it's of great interest to me.

Your work is on pair with that of @chukw, @cruiz, @wardog and those others modellers which skills leave me with a jaw-dropping admiration.




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Thank you, Gwen, for your kind words- I stand humbled- and for bringing my attention to this most amazing build thread. Lucio, you are a wizard-level modeler!  Observant, methodical, innovative in your approach to this rather challenging kit, you're making it into a showpiece.


With admiration- cheers!


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Why, Chuck! How are you doing? My pleasure, mate. Very glad to have learnt that you're getting better.

I had to fetch this thread down from page 6; last progress post showed on February the 1st, 2021... :crying2:I'm getting the withdrawal symptoms already.

(Stunning how many hot build threads I've watched abandoned, sunken in the previous pages!).

Lucio, hope you're doing okay as well, in Rome or the US.

Cheers both,



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