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Completion of Revell's London Bus (1:24) - In memory of my late friend Thomas Emberger (†54)

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Hi Mike,


the windows I have glued into the body some days before shipping, therefore I think, that the superglue had cured completely and there sould be no further fogging, hopefully ... top.gif

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Hello everybody,


the gluing of the upper deck in the body turned out to be the expected difficult matter, smiley_worship.gif because it was very close, and especially at the rear end of the body the last inches could be pressed downwards only with difficulty, but still with the utmost care. Only then the inner connections between the upper deck and the body were glued together without ruffle or excitement ... up035091.gif


So that all places glue together well, I have ballasted the body with two books and let dry everything for some time.  top.gif




Afterwards I have glued the cover onto the lower deck. 






Thanks for looking in. up040577.gif

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Hello everybody,


in the same way, meanwhile I have also glued the windows of the lower deck into the body, and then all sliding windows on both sides were glued on. :coolio:


The installation of the lower deck with the complete chassis into the body was a similar difficult and stressful matter as with the upper deck and could be proceeded only slowly and very carefully, but has finally succeeded. speak_cool.gif  Afterwards the inner connections between the chassis and the body were glued together in the same way as before with the upper deck.




Thereby the hardest part of the job was done, and so I was able to turn to various decor details of the body. top.gif


When looking at various photos, I've seen that there is a metal-colored guide rail on the driver's door, which is disregarded in Revell's construction manual. As a result, I've  carefully removed the red paint there and painted it silvery.



Source: londonseite.de


Then there were still to paint and install the rearview mirrors and flashing lights, as well as the headlights on the hood and the taillights.




For bordering of the lights as well as for the rings on the front wheel rims and the frame of the radiator grill, 



Source: londonseite.de


I've used Chrome Bare-Metal Foil, but the application of which was not easy and required some practice. :rolleyes:



The trickiest part of it was the the bordering of the radiator grill, what one can see in the following images. :hmmm:


At first I tried an application with narrow stripes, but what I've soon discarded, because this method is too complicated ... analintruder.gif




Then I've covered the entire grill surface with a foil piece, which was carefully pressed onto the grill,




and then the contours were cut out with greatest cautiousness with a new cutter, smiley_worship.gif




and lastly all was gently smoothed using a toothpick and Q-tip.



And with this result I was reasonably satisfied. up040577.gif



Next will follow the rings on the wheel rims ... up035091.gif

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Hello everyone,


let's go on and try the same technique to the wheel rims. :coolio: 


The overhanging foil was easy to separate off by holding the cutter blade at the outer verge of the ring and then slowly turning the wheel through step by step. speak_cool.gif But unfortunately, the inner verge did let not separate in the same way, because the cutter there has slipped away always and produced no clean cut. up043952.gif




So I've modified the technique a bit by first cutting out a circle with the inner diameter of the ring with a cutting compass (but within a larger piece of foil),




and then carefully placing this piece of foil with its hole onto the wheel rim. That was extremely tricky, smiley_worship.gif because the foil is very thin and warps quickly when detached, but then with a steady hand I yet still succeeded  finally and was happy. top.gif




Then the overhanging foil was separated off as previously described, and after the foil ring was tenderly smoothed with my soft fingers and a Q-tip



the result looked pretty good. up045518.gif


So far for today, and thanks for still staying tuned. up040577.gif




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Thanks coneheadff,  :worship: and Hello everybody,


now it's time for the last round. top.gif


The borders of the taillights were made using the same method as the headlamps with Bare-Metal Foil. Finally, a few handles and the radiator grill were glued.






Thus, the work was done, and now one can see the Routemaster in all its beauty in the following images. top2.gif








In the engine compartment I have still installedsome missing piping and a cooler, which does not exist in the Revell Kit. i5684_no2.gif










And a friend of mine kindly contributed this London map, for what I thank him for many times. :worship:




And then came the difficult part of the unbreakable packaging of the bus in a suitable box, :rolleyes: for what I have used some styrofoam parts and bubble wrap.




For this it was important to pack the bus around so that he could not move no longer without bumping onto delicate spots (rear view mirror, flashing lights, etc.), which I apparently succeeded. up039822.gif


The Routemaster still timely arrived in Kiefersfelden in good time before Christmas, much to the delight of Thomas' wife. Now I'm glad that the Line 76 has finally arrived at its final stop, thank God!!! up046068.gif


Here is a first snapshot from the house of Emberger. ???




And so the Routemaster is standing now at its place, and all parts are existing, as his wife has assured me again, and she is frankly overwhelmed, which I am very pleased. up045518.gif




Thanks for watching! up040577.gif

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Thanks Jeff for your nice words, I hope so too. :worship:


I think, Thomas will be looking down with proudness and satisfaction, that finally all had been coming together well ... top.gif


In the same way, I will integrate parts of his outstanding Launch Complex 39A (STS-41D) into my Launch Pad project (STS-6) to honor his legacy of Real Space Modeling forever, which is a matter of the heart to me, that he can rest in peace ... pray.gif


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Thanks my friend for your nice words, :worship:


Well, at first there was only talk about the missing decals still to be made, which is why the completion has been delayed a little longer, and then my attention to detail has demanded some encores, which I could not resist no longer. top.gif


As a result, the bus has become more and more dear to my heart, :hmmm:so that the final flatto-bye.gif when packing into the carton and the way to the post office really did not come easily to me ... i5684_no2.gif


But in the end we are all satisfied and happy now, and that is the most important thing - All's well that ends well. up040577.gif

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Thank you very much my friends for your heartfull words. lob3.gif

I did feel a deep need inside and so it was an honor for me to complete his Routemaster, in order to keep his legacy alive, as well as to give a little bit consolation to his wife Ruth and his son Anton:hmmm:

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