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GWH 1/48 F-15C MSIP II into a mid 80´s to early 90´s bird

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Hello all,


what has to be changed on the GWH F-15C kit to make it a mid 80´s to early 90´s bird in BT mrkings? I have the Two Bobs Eifel Eagles sheet and I want to buy the GWH kit S4804


Many thanks,




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I'm no expert on Eagles but I know many of the changes for MSIP were internal avionics, radar and jamming devices. A major change was electronics for carring Aim 120 AMRAAMs. Many others here will know about humps & bumps on the airframe. :thumbsup:

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It would still have the arresting hook fairing, grate over the JFS exhaust, and sabre drains.  The chaff/flare dispensers were added in the late 80s, so it would probably have them.  AIM-120s weren't carried till the last couple weeks of Desert Storm in 1991, so as mentioned above it would still have the older AIM-9 only rails till 1991 or 92.  It would have the rounded antenna on the right tail boom and the modified right aft formation strip light.  It would not yet have the two small antennas at the base of the radome though.  Finally the F-15E stick grip wasn't added till the 1993ish timeframe.




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Just get the GWH F-15J Kit. Just need AM decals, but as you want to do a BT bird you need them anyways. Old style LAUs and arrestee hook fairing are in that issue.




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asians tend to use DX for deluxe.. from the picture i saw online, it looks like Pit-Road did what Eduard does.. provide extra resin bits n bobs plus photoetch and decals along with the standard issue kit..


(GWH is a chinese company, and Pit-Road is a japanese one that use OEM parts from GWH..)

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On 12/24/2018 at 10:20 AM, Thomas said:

Which ones would be correct?




No GPS "bump" to the right of the speed brake.  

No AMRAAM's or 9x's

No JTIDS "knots" above and below the nose barrel.

Someone already mentioned the round MAD antenna on the right tail cone and the tailhook fairing.  

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