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Dr. Brad

"I'll get my car.” “I brought mine!" (Moebius Tumbler)

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After the Batpod, the next vehicle in line was the Tumbler. Here's my take on the Moebius 1/25 scale Tumbler from the Nolan Batman movies. At first I wasn't sure about the car, but after seeing it in action in Batman Begins, I was sold on it. The kit itself is a bit of a mixed bag. It's a pretty good representation of the Tumbler, but the instructions have several errors, including numbering of parts and less than clear illustrations. The fit of some parts was pretty bad in places, but especially the air foils. If ever a kit required test fitting, it's this one! Oh, and the clear lenses for the eight lights in front do not fit unless the holes are substantially opened up.

I painted the kit using mostly Tamiya paint, including semi-gloss black, silver and flat black. The front wheels were painted with Tamiya black, and the rear with Alclad chrome and Tamiya gloss black. The struts were a mix of gold and a copper to give a slightly redder look to the color. I sanded the tires and weathered them. There's also some weathering on the Tumbler, but it doesn't show up too well in the pics.

I added "nano" surface LEDs to the eight front lights, and after it was far too late, I figured out how I could lit the spots near the back. Maybe next time, because, despite the issues with the kit,  I'd like to build another one some day.

As usual comments are welcome.












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very nicely done Brad - it certainly looks the part with those SMD's lighting it up!

Looks great on that base as well

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