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New Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk 1. 1:48

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The Hot off the press, well sort of. I finished it just before Christmas. Is Airfix's new 1:48 Bristol Blenheim Mk1.

Can't really say a lot about the build as its for a future magazine article I'm afraid. Needless to say it's in keeping with Airfix's modern releases and I don't think you will be disappointed by it. Not a kit for beginners though, because of that massive greenhouse like canopy. 

Onto the pics.

46554959832_c4d9c5e5d0_k.jpgBlehiem-20 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


46554962792_e5f92c11b4_k.jpgBlehiem-39 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


31665791527_96542500b9_k.jpgBlehiem-38 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


31665791047_cbb697746f_k.jpgBlehiem-36 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


46554964032_3f1410933a_k.jpgBlehiem-48 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


46606976361_d5fca07301_k.jpgBlehiem-74 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


46606979521_f87830cd19_k.jpgBlehiem-84 by Nigel Poole, on Flickr


All the best 



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