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Here is another kit that I would probably not build if it weren't for this GB.  I bought this in the clearance isle of Hobby Lobby several years ago.  I never planned to build it as a motorcycle, I bought the kit because it was cheap and because I planned to use the parts for a Sci Fi Whif.  Well the Whif never got off the ground so I am just going to quickly build it up now as a motorcycle.

Here is the kit


It has a lot of parts for such a basic bike.


The chrome parts were plated very thickly and had a waxy feeling to them so into my favorite chrome stripping product...Purple Power.


And after about a half hour...


Major parts of the engine, frame, and forks together.  The way you have to put the rear fender and forks into the frame to glue it together is a bit of a pain.  It makes painting more difficult than it should be.


Now to start figuring out how I want to paint it.


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Yeah should be no problem getting it done.  I am having a lot of fun with this kit.  There is hardly any putty needed so it is just glue it, slap it together, and hit it with some paint.

I will try to combine as much progress as possible in one picture to keep the count down on Flickr, I don't want to have to start paying.


Frame and most of the engine is finished.  For the tins I decided to go with unpainted metal like they are still working on those and haven't finished and painted them yet.  Maybe the builder has to save up a bit more money to finish the project.  I added a little red on the rims to give the kit a little color.  Now I know why the kit was on clearance, it is missing some parts.  The alternate tank is not there which doesn't bother me much but what is a pain is that the brake rotors are missing.  No cables come with the kit and I don't think I am going to add any.

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Thanks everyone, I going to call this one done.


I am really happy with how this kit turned out especially since I never meant to build this.  More pictures will be in the completed section (this was a hard kit to photograph, the metallic parts kept washing out).  This kit is supposed to be 1:12 but I think it is more like 1:10.  It is bigger than my Tamiya 1:12 bikes and smaller than the 1:9 kits that I have built.  Painters tape was wrapped around the exhaust for heat tape.  I lost the gas cap and front light so I had to scratch those up.  This was a fun kit, I will be keeping my eye out for any more of these that are on sale.

Thanks for following along.


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  Very nice! Honestly, not what I expected when I saw the headline "RM Chopper" (Monogram/revell's ol' UH-1 came to mind, haha), but that is a darn good looking bike! I really like the rust effect, and the wheel details. The wheels really stand out to me. Excellent work!

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