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Tiny Tricycle Trucks from Japan!

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When most people think of a collection of vehicles from the mid 1950’s, they think of T-Birds, or Tri-Chevies or at least something with fins. Barring that, at least most people think of something with four wheels! However, I am not most people. For me, while they’re visually interesting and neat in real life, cars of the Fifties have never really “done it” for me as modelling subjects.


No, I like the weirder stuff, so when I got a collection of vehicles from the mid-‘50s, it was a bunch of Japanese three-wheeled commercial vehicles! Thanks to LS (and Arii thereafter), my lust for oddball automotive subjects can be at least somewhat appeased! Check out my collection of 5 three-wheelers from the fun and simple 1/32 “Owner’s Club” model series. You’ll never see a Big Wheel the same way again!





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Geeze...I REALLY like these!!!

The Midget looks particularly cute to me.


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They're all a scream. 


The big trucks really amaze me; there's a lot too them, and you can more or less fit an EXP on the back deck of one! They're HUGE! (Well, for three-wheelers!) 


I think the original Midget is a lot like what you see used for Tuk-Tuks... now, there's an idea! 

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