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F-100c Super Sabre - 1/72 - Trumpeter

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hi everybody!

i'm so happy to have finished this build that i just want to show it off straight in "jets".

i must congratulate the trumpeter people because they made a kit that built as if it were a tamiya.

i know the objections about the nose/intake part, but at risk of being judged superficial, i must say that had i not read of that in the reviews, i wouldn't have noticed.

the kit did build like a bed of roses and though some challenging, critical phases as it's fine to be, it was pure fun, with a great deal of fine details to paint -actually i believe that i spent more time detail-painting than assembling.

one big issue was the air brake: it was intended to be assembled in the first steps, while joining the fuse halves, but i did not want to have this delicate impingement while handling the model until finishing.

also, it had to be painted closed together with the general painting; it swivels, so i had the opportunity to close it and open it up later. point was that it was not really flush with the surrounding fuselage, and i feared that the aluminum paint could block the hinges.

so i put some liquid mask inside 'round the well's perimeter, and added a microdrop of the same mask over the hinges, where i would make a very small touch-off later. well, in short, it worked: no alu paint inside the well and the brake opened flawlessly.

the main gear is very complex and realized with some 6 parts for the leg plus 4 parts for the door...an interesting challenge...

as i wanted a particularily colorful livery, representative of the early cold war era, i choose from a nice xtradecal sheet the markings for a 20th t.f.w. at r.a.f. lakenheath in '57...yeah, it was a "d" model, but it was too nice so please allow me a little poetical licence.

but the true challenge of the hun is the rendering of the engine heat-burnt aft fuselage. i used valllejo metal series burnt metal, pre-shaded vertically with gloss copper stripes along the ribs. being that too glossy, i sprayed clear matt finish.

after that, i took some orange, red and yellow color pencils and enhanced the vertical pattern rubbing the lines with my little finger.

the outcome is at any rate too dark, but under the appropriate lighting looks to me acceptable.


if you wanna have a look please go to the google photos album at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/otEURA1g7HZXH2GQ6


thank you for your attention, hope you'll enjoy.


my best ciaos, and...happy modeling!


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Hi Bobo!


You're right, the Trumpeter 1/72 F-100C has quite a few faults in the kit, bit you've done a very nice job, particularly with the detailing. The only thing I question is your use of the F-102 type afterburner can, as these were only used later on than these marking, and only in the Air Guard ( not regular USAF), as far as I know.


Continued success in modeling...



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Nice job Bobo, very nice.

About the imperfections, if it looks like a F-100, it is an F-100.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth to spend upward of 20$ for corrections that are barely discernible.

I'll finish mine in Skyblazers livery.

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dear ed and hemspilot, thank you so much for appreciating my job.

@ed: your remark puzzles me, as i selected that a/b can exactly because in my photo research i saw it on early model, usaf, f-100s, that was what i wanted...😮

please check your info and let me know. thank you.

@hemspilot: she will look great! the hun is one of the aircrafts where the skyblazer's livery fits better.👍


again, thanks to both of you.

my best ciaos, bobo.

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One place is Here:


A search on line of "Use of -102 burner cans on F-100" will yield others.  General consensus is that they were first used on F-100's circa 1973 or so, although there is some mention of an ADC F-100C that may have been so equipped  haven't seen one myself.  An Air Force enlisted man got a ton of money for this suggestion, so the date is pretty firm.


Beware of museum aircraft and other peoples' models which may not have been done correctly, either accidentally or by design.  The reason I know this is because I researched this point thoroughly for the "C" and "D"models I built, hoping to use the F-102 can, but as neither subject was an Air Guard aircraft, I had no luck there. I do have a nice pic of an Ohio Air Guard "D" that I took in 1973 that I may yet build  one day...



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dear ed and airmechaja.

the picture attached was the stronger basis on which i decided for the type of burner you call 102.

actually, i'm a bit of a perfectionist about philology, but i'm not really an expert, then i might well have misinterpreted this pic and the few others that now, for me, would need a whole afternoon of net surfing to find them back.

i thank you for your keen and kind attention.

if you'll feel like that, a comment on the picture accluded will be very welcome. tia.

my very best ciaos...and happy modeling...

yours, bobo.


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You did not misinterpret the picture. It does have the F-102 type exhaust installed. That picture was taken in 2005 in Mojave, California. It was with the Turkish Air Force

in 1973. Hard to tell when the exhaust was replaced. The plane has been restored and is now at a museum in Chino, California.

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Hi Bobo--


A check over at the serial number repository  Here:


reads as follows:  "2091 (MSN 217-352) was with 435th TFS Jul 1956.  To MASDC Dec 6, 1971.  To Turkish AF Jan 8, 1973 as 54-2091,
code 3-091.  Returned to USA Aug 1989.  Registered to Tracor Flight Systems Jul 1989 as N2011M.
To Global Aerosapce May 1992.  To Albert Hansen of Mojave, CA as N2011M Sep 9, 1998.  Now with Yanks Air
Museum, Chino, CA."


The Turks and other forces used them after 1973, just NOT the regular USAF.



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ok, ok, guys...

i did not want to start an argument at all, and you evidently know so much better than me.

pity that i will keep an f-100 c, with d model markings and the wrong exhaust...

nobody is perfect.

thank you for your constructive comments and for sharing your knowledge.

best ciaos, and happy modeling, bobo.

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and no argument intended...just, your answers were so sharp that it loked like i was challenging you with my pic.

speaking of which, not to contradict you, or show a hard head, but to satisfy completely my curiosity, i have found another pic that inspired my  choice.

please find it atached herebelow. naturally, comments are  mostwelcome.

thank you again fo your attention and your appreciating my hun all notwithstanding...

great ciaos, and happy modeling!

MV-F100-003 mresize.jpg

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Hi Bobo,


Here's a blow-up of the same pic.  What you are seeing is sort of an illusion, based on the reflection of the sun on the lighter-colored leaves of the stock F-100 burner can:




Don't feel bad, I have made the exact same mistake (different photo) and also had helpful folks point out the error.


Below are a couple more pics offering the same illusion:






We still like your workmanship, nevertheless.


Best Wishes,



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ooohhh...holy shot, ed!

it's really a trompe-l'oeil: i would have bet that my pic was some sort of an exeption that deceived me, but the deception stands in the light play instead!

and the examples you bring in just confirm how certain light conditions can really make you see things diffferent from what they are in reality.

indeed, as an ex-photographer i should know this very well, and sometimes a shadowplay can be very useful in creating an image...

but not in  modeling, huh?

again, thanks a lot, ed, and again i am grateful for your kind comment on my job.

have a great day.

best ciaos, and...happy modeling!!!

sincerely yours, bobo.

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