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Academy/Eduard Intake installation note.

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I had a customer question this week on how much of the fuselage splitter plate lip needs to be removed to install our resin intake, as the plastic provides a lip that extends into the back of the splitter plate for alignment.   Our resin intakes are flat on the back side and as such the lip that would engage the splitter plate need to be modified removed.   The question posed was how much to remove??


To determine this, a simple and straightforward way is to place the kit part on to the fuselage and scribe a line in the fuselage lip between the fuselage side and the plate.  Keep in mind this scribed line is to remain on the fuselage,  It is then a simple task to trim the lip back to the line you made, leaving the line in place.   A couple of test fits with the Resin intake to confirm your work and you are done with the trimming.





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