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Su-27M T10M-1 Prototype 701

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17 years ago I emailed Flankerman and asked if he had any pictures of the 1988 Su-27M/Su-35 prototype that was later left at Monino. He very kindly got back to me with a goldmine. The reference photos he sent me were a game changer as he had discovered the disruptive scheme was mirrored underneath and had a bundle of photos to illustrate it.  I loved the Ferris like camouflage but also the new Su-27M nose profile with the traditional cropped fins as later Su-27Ms had the squared tips.


I did all the hard work expected of an Academy and Sol conversion way back then and put it away; it sat in the box (with the occasional peeks) until this year. I've made a real effort to finish unfinished projects and clear the stash a bit. I'm pleased to say it's the last 1/48 Academy for me (7 built)! I'm now looking forward to all the newer companies much improved kits.


Colors were mostly AKAN mixes, Neomega cockpit, Eduard etched details, DANmodels intake covers, Armory wheels and one of Haneto's (Fairy-Hobby) beautiful corrected canopies. 

The decals were from Begemot except for the stars which were hand made. 






My two favorite Flankers in real life and in scale.




I spent the last few days repairing my Su-37 Terminator so I could take a photo like this one of 711 and 701 together.



I may as well go for the hat trick to finish.


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Thanks, it is a cool and awesome scheme! It's always been my favorite of all the Flanker schemes, and there's a lot of Flanker schemes that I like a lot. The recently published photos of it in flight and all sides plus excellent help from friends made finally finishing it possible.


I've added a couple more photos for fun of Su-27M 701 along with some later ones, 710 and 711 "Su-37 Terminator" (T-10M-10 and T10M-11).



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This is so awesome! I love the SU-27M/Su-35 and have long wanted to build either the brown or blue splinter. Those KokuFan photos were amazing when it came out. They were the basis for TOPGUN early splinter jets that I was fortunate enough to be around TOPGUN when they were delivered. I have the Kinetic Su-33 as the starting point and haven't decided how far in the mods I want to get. Remove the wing fold and larger squared fins are a must...


thanks for sharing! Would love to see inprogress/mods pictrures... 😉


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13 hours ago, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

Remove the wing fold and larger squared fins are a must...


The Su-33 has a bigger wing than the rest of the Flanker family - as well as having the wing fold and double-slotted flaps.


Not a good starting point for the T10M-1...



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17 hours ago, Brian P: Fightertown Decals said:

I love the SU-27M/Su-35 and have long wanted to build either the brown or blue splinter.

These sets will get you there, they have the different forward fuselage, canards and larger tails etc for the Su-27Ms (Su-35/37).



I prefer the Sol but the Wolfpack is good and probably easier to get ahold of.


I used the Academy kit as the base but I still have a Sol and a Wolfpack conversion sets and I would use the much newer HobbyBoss next time, I did some comparisons and they look compatible. Either way, they'll be some sanding.


Here's some build pics.


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