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Revell GB is done, GB prizes

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We can call THIS GB a SUCCESS!!!


30 completed builds. That is a number our ARC GBS used to get!!!


Right now, I have to go to work so we will have the builds out of a hat draw when I get home. Now, please remember we have only 6 prizes. The draw will be random. I


I wish to thank Kurt for so much help in moderating this GB.

Also bashace for kindly donating the prizes of 6, $25 Sprue brother gift certificates.


Stand by.........

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And the prizes have been drawn


Of the first 6 numbers, 3 were taken away. 


#6 CC-129 by me.

#29 Pick-up truck by Kurt

#3 Starfighter by me.


Those three numbers are tossed so 3 new numbers are drawn, of those 6, one person won twice. One of those were taken back so 6 different people can win.




The random winners therefore are..............



#13 airmechaja F-106


#27 dnl42 miller Harvard


#28 Gemini 9A  K2Pete


#22 Bill Stuart F-16


#11 els F-4J


#20 oortiz10 F-5E




Congrats to ALL who finished and the lucky random winners.I will now inform bashace who kindly donated the prizes. Give him a day then PM him if you won.

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Winners, pm bashace with your email address. He is ready to go.

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For the raffle winners who have already PM'd me their email addresses, your Spruebrothers Gift Certificates should be in your email inboxes. 


Congrats again! 

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