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F-117 • 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

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The ruddervators are done. I won't glue their roots yet because there are plenty of sharp delicate edges. So I used this kind of a jig and a flat piece of sandpaper to smoothen the tops of the inner facets on both sides of the ruddervators, trying to make a more romboid shape of their tops.













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The yare still not in the perfect romboid shape but I won't go any further.... at least for now 🙂 And I did many other edits as well... the trailing/leading edges were thinned down, the bevels near the rotating surfaces are deepened and sharpened, and that's just about it. I was also worried about how straight will the trailing/ leading edges become although the rotation on the hinges, but all is just fine I think. Those are the leading edges:






And only a testfit + a quick video... they rotate that smooth:








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MLG adventures...


The journey started by making the mounts for the white metal pylons on some special quite modified slots on their bays, with 2 strong magnets per pylon:








Then I made the doors to open and close. This time I think I used the best (easy to make and very effective) hinge mechanism so far. Here are the doors open and the hinge from inside:








Now the tires, the diagonal struts and other preps.

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