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On 4/20/2019 at 10:07 AM, habu2 said:


I read somewhere the RoG release is a rebox of the Dragon kit.


I would believe this ... when I was looking at the new release Revell 1/48 LM, the Descent Stage body looked not thick enough, just like Dragon's. And the construction of it looked primitive too. However, some other aspects were attempted to be more accurate, but I shall not be buying one.



The kit's thruster pack need to be replaced. The thruster bells are solid, so I'll clip them off and use New Ware's bells.





For a little added strength, I add a small length of rod and drilled a shallow hole in the model to affix the new Bells..





This is the mirror part of the one I'm missing. So, I stacked some .040" styrene and will carve me a new one.





Monsieur Meens put in a helluva lot of effort in creating all the details for his LM models. Here are printouts of his 'map' of the coverings on the various panels for the Ascent Stage and I'm thinking of using 'em. I'll place these on a painted sheet of Aluminum Foil and cut 'em all out ... but I'm a little hesitant ... I'll see.  :crying2:




Till next posting!


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Boy, life really has a habit of getting in the way of having fun, eh?


So, I finally had some time to get some stuff done ...:yahoo:and did some work on the missing RCS cluster.


I did some filing with really coarse material to get the basic proportions.





... so far so good





Then built up thicknesses with styrene scraps, then filed, sanded, added some more styrene and filed and sanded ...





This kit piece has little divots on it to allow for the thruster bells. I filled 'em with styrene half-round and filed 'em down.





And I'm happy with this! The little thruster bell on the bottom right cluster was quite crooked so I removed it, levelled it out and replaced it after this photo was taken.




I think, next is paint and foil. The antennae will go on after that. Past experience has prepared me for breaking all those bits that stick out ...



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This is impressing, Pete!


I know, what I'm talking about, as I built some of these old kits in the past.


Your scratching and using the foto-etched parts makes a lot more out of it.


One question: shouldn't the RCS thrusters looking to the front and to the side be in a right angle? For me it looks as if they aren't. Or is it the foto?



Source: Wikipedia




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Yes, you're correct.

The thruster bell on the bottom right was straightened out but I always like to keep some of the kit's flaws on the model.

My goal is to give the impression of a Lunar Module, I don't try for 100% accuracy. 93% is good enough for me. And I've found on the finished, foiled model, little details like this are barely noticeable.


Plus, I've always loved that photo you've shown ... Apollo 17 IRCC.


Thanx Ralf


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I've got 2 weeks till the 50th anniversary of the 1st Lunar Landing of Apollo 11 ( even though mine is Apollo 16 ... ) so I'd love to get this done and all buttoned up by then ... real life permitting!


Using M Means patterns, I used some Aluminum foil for the top panels





There were two large seams on the Aft Equipment Bay and I covered 'em up with Thick Aluminum foil







Vincent also made me aware of a new piece on the lower 'face' which I hadn't seen before which applies to AS 15, 16 and 17.





Starting to paint the 'Black' panels ..








Just some touching up and then Aluminum Foil on the Antenna struts, final details and the LM will be done, then onto the CSM.


Till next posting




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This LM is al-l-lmost done. and I hafta say ... of all the Monogram kits I've built of this LM ( 5 ), this one ... THIS ONE has been THE most frustrating ... but it's just about there!


In this case, the Plume Deflectors had to be installed and this was, in my mind, gonna take about 2 minutes per deflector, easy stuff!

But NO-o-o-o ... they didn't fit. I can't figure out what I did wrong. Same kit, same aftermarket ... but man!   :bandhead2:


The 2 aft deflectors didn't fit under the RCS clusters, by about 2 mm ... so I tried nipping the brass PE deflector but just bent 'em, didn't trim 'em ...

The camera didn't wanna focus, but you'll get the idea.





I also had to shorten the plastic frame by about 3 mm. I detached the angled struts and re-glued 'em.





The reworked frame on the left and the new shorter PE deflector beside the other one.





... and it fits.




My coach in the background nibbling on the SM ... but this Ascent Stage needs just the antennae and some paint touch-ups and it'll be done.




The MESA blankets are the last thing to do. And I'm struggling with this too ... 




With all the fine little extra, and fragile, details installed, just lifting and moving this LM to work on it, will bend an antenna or snap off a thruster bell ... but I'm at the last stage. Paint the MESA strap and add the MESA blankets and then onto the CSM.


Thanx for looking in gents! Just a month to go!


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It's lookin' real good Pete - another fine build! Was the MESA after market as well? I love the combination of foiling, after market and scratch building that you do - a real pleasure to watch.


Best - Ret

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Ret, the MESA was built from scratch ...

Tony, Randy, thanx alot gents! This one has been a struggle ... but it's finally done ... the LM that is!


The MESA blankets are 'kleenex' tissue dipped in diluted White Glue , placed on the model and left overnight to dry.

After it's all dry, I painted it with Flat White enamel.





I also realized the Flag holder on the ladder wasn't on Apollo 16, so off it came. The little strips are from a plastic grocery bag and will be the lanyards hanging off the Quads





And the final thing to build was the little EVA antenna





And I'm calling this done. Just the CSM to complete. The LRV is a 3D print from Vincent Meens that I built late last year. It also had the equipment for AS 17, so I'll have to change it ... a little later.










In order to get the CSM done I hope the events of Real Life leave me alone ... just for another couple of weeks!


Till later


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This looks great Pete, fantastic work. The bag trick is neat, and the foil work is great. Can you explain how you make your bases. They look cool. I've had to put my LEM on hold, while I fix up some details of my Astronauts for next months Sydney show.

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Thanx very much gents ... but there are a few flaws ... to me, the most obvious is the Rendezvous Target. The "T" shaped target is off by 90°.

But on the plus side, the broken S-band antenna droops like the real thing and the Rendezvous antenna ( the one the top Front ) is pointed in the right direction ... so it shows at least some effort on my part!  :whistle:


Mick, I make some of my bases with a scrap of drywall, in this case trimmed to a circle, then I use Spackle or the light drywall patching putty you'd use to fill small holes in a wall and with my wet finger create the 'craters'. Then spray paint it a Primer colour. It seems to works nicely!



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Working on the Service Module ...


I wasn't sure if I had cleaned the PE and Resin from all the release agents so, I cleaned 'em again.

PE in Vinegar and Resin in Dish soap-y water





I wanted to attach the Sextant to the CM but ... there was a bit of a standoff. As this update kit from New Ware was for the Dragon kit, I guess I have to cut up the Revell CM to make this fit.





... the standoff ...





... the start ...





... the new hole ... and the new sextant fit nicely. But oops, I didn't take a picture. Trust me ...  :rolleyes:






Filling and sanding the SM. The tape is covering the SIM Bay, but water still got in ... 





In some spots, due to sanding, there were flat spots on the lower rim of the SM. So I added some .020" strip to 'em ...





... then I'll file and sand 'em to make 'em blend in.





The lower flange on New Ware's Resin SPS bell was chipped, so I added a strip of .030" round rod and will sand off the resin flange





On the Heat Shield, there was too much depth, so I cut up and added a new plate from .040" styrene.





... installed, but there was still a depth difference from the Heat Shield to the Rim of the SM, so I added another plate of .020" styrene ...





This initial cut out is very rough, and even with some filing and further cutting, it's very rough, but it'll all be covered up by the SPS Heat Shield.







... and with a little putty to fill up some of the minor gaps.




That ... was a productive day!  :thumbsup:


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Continuing with the Service Module ...


I was about to glue the Heat Shield to the aft end and felt a couple divots ... so I filled and sanded them one more time ...





... then glued it down. It's all starting to come together!





I placed the New Ware Resin and PE onto the Service Module to adjust the spacing between radiators ...






... then CA'd them all down ...





But as this update set was designed for the Dragon kit, this Resin piece was quite thick, so in order for it to get attached, I had to do a little surgery on the SM.





... it needed to be embedded into the plastic so-o-o ...







... and ... installed. The part is lovely and you can see how thin the Resin is too.




Now I need to build the Large Radiators but I need to order some 1/2 round ... meantime, I'll attach some PE to the CM.


Thanx for looking in !


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Let's see if this works ...  :bandhead2:      ....... ... nope ... so I'll split this post in half ...



Continuing with the Service Module ...


I was about to glue the Heat Shield to the aft end and felt a couple divots ... so I filled and sanded them one more time ...





... then glued it down. It's all starting to come together!





I placed the New Ware Resin and PE onto the Service Module to adjust the spacing between radiators ...








... then CA'd them all down ...




Now I need to build the Large Radiators but I need to order some 1/2 round ... meantime, I'll attach some PE to the CM.



Thanx for looking in !


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This is looking really great Pete. The SM aft heat shield looks like it should, better than that old kit version. I love PE, but also hate PE. When you say CA glue, is that just super glue? That's what I use, and I feel there is somethin better. What brand do you use? Keep up the great work.


I gotta upload pics to my thread this weekend. On some progress with Astronauts.



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Thanx Mick!

The CA, Cyanoacrylate or Cyanoacrylic (?) is just Superglue.


And I get mine at the Dollarstore, 4 little tubes for $1.25. But I've found that the PE needs to be cleaned. For quite some time my PE would fall off at the slightest touch, then I started giving them a Vinegar bath and, they stick real nice now. That may be all you need!



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It's looking real good.  Nice work on the aft heat shield.  By the way, your pics came through on the email that I got from ARC forums, but when I log into the site all I see is the jpg name.  At least that's what I'm seeing.  Anybody have a clue what might be happening?




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Let's hope ARC complies and let's see if I can post anything ... 



Attaching the itsy bitsy bits of PE on the RCS thruster housings









I finally attached the hull of the CM to the Heat Shield. I had to do some minor puttying and sanding ... the tape is just to hold the two parts together







Attaching the tiny PE bits. I asked on the Tips and Tricks forum and one of the guys suggested, to temporarily place these bits right where they needed to be, prior to CA gluing, use Future. I did and it worked very nicely.





... with the Docking probe and collar and PE handholds from New Ware.





I still need to build the large Radiators and the High Gain antenna, then it's paint and decals ... I hope!

But it's gettin' there!




Till next post




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